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Lisa Seskin, founder of IT-girl Aussie shoe brand, LMS

Imagine launching your own shoe label, and within a year celebs like Bella Hadid and Emma Roberts are being papped in your brand.

We spend 5 minutes with LMS founder, Lisa Seskin who is living every young designers dream...

You're the founder of Aussie shoe label, LMS the brand. Running a label is a huge step! What made you take the plunge? 

LISA: Starting my own business is something I’ve wanted for as long as I could remember, even as a kid!

For years I had seen such a gap between cheap, low quality shoes and high end designer shoes and after spending years working in the industry and strengthening my skill set (I worked as a buyer at Glue Store for 5+ years) I felt I was finally read to take the plunge.

LMS is only just over a year old and is already a huge hit with celebs like Bella Hadid and Emma Watson wearing your shoes. What was it like when you saw the pics?! 

LISA: I was in complete shock!! It was such a surreal moment and it truly validated everything I had been working so hard for.

bella hadid lms fashion week
Bella Hadid wears the Amelia Wedge by LMS

emma roberts wearing lms
Emma Roberts wears the Lyla by LMS

You were about to open your Paddington boutique before Coronavirus hit. How have you pivoted as a business during this time? 

LISA: It was really unfortunate timing and we are lucky that we are mainly an online business, in saying that sales were still quite slow. (We are now getting ready to open the store based on the latest NSW regulations).

We shifted our focus to growing our social network by creating engaging home content with the hashtag #LMSHome. We also had some of our favourite LMS Babes take over our insta to show how they were making the most of the isolation period. We did this in the hope that once all of this is over we would have some new customers who were ready to purchase a pair of LMS for their wardrobe!

What has lockdown taught you about being a business owner? 

LISA: You can find positivity in every situation. COVID has been extremely tough on businesses including LMS but I really found some great benefits from being in isolation. It gave me some time to be creative and reminded me that I am able to create some really fun content myself! I was also able to focus on things I usually don’t have time for, I have been exploring introducing a new category (stay tuned!).

So apart from finally opening your store, what else are you looking forward to post-ISO?! 

LISA: Restaurants!! I miss going out and having a few glasses of wine with a delicious meal.


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