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Life, love and staying healthy with Rachael Finch

rachael finch

Jordy Lucas chats with Rachael Finch about meeting her husband, motherhood, business and how she fits it all in!

Jordy: You’re a Mum, wife, influencer and business owner! What does a day in the life of Rachael Finch look like?

RACHAEL: There are no normal days in my life! And I love it. We definitely have mastered the art of time-management, balance and working together as a team and that team effort is key. Misha and I share the load at home 50-50 and it’s really important to ensure that you’re working together to get everything done.

We’re not superhuman! We go downstairs into the kitchen, we pop up our laptops and that’s our office. We’re very lucky in the respect that we can really spend time with the kids, navigate work – we’re always open with communication and what we need to do.

I do have a few key things I ensure I incorporate into my every day, and these help me to keep my balance:

o Active meditation

o Do something just for you each day

o Essential oils

o Turning tech off an hour before bed

Jordy: You met your husband on Dancing with the Stars and now the two of you work closely on the dance element of the program. How does he inspire you professionally?

RACHAEL: Misha inspires me daily – not just professionally, but personally! I had never set foot on a dance floor before DWS! I remember walking into the dance studio that we were in and thinking, ‘He’s gotta be gay!’ He was so good looking from top to toe, so polished and such a gentleman – and still is to this day. We went to the cafe downstairs and just chatted away and literally within a few weeks I had my toothbrush at his place. It was really quick. Six months after we met, he proposed.

Rachael Finch husband
Rachael & Misha on Dancing with the Stars

We have the same core values and beliefs – and communication is so important. We are always open with each other.

There are always going to be obstacles and questions about the right time to have a baby, or the right time to go for that job – there is really no right time, it’s just trusting what you have in front of you and really embracing that, in order to just make the most of the moment.

Jordy: BODY by Finch incorporates food, exercise, meditation and dance. What’s your favourite part of the program?

RACHAEL: I have created the BODY by Finch program to be a safe and reliable community with a focus

on fitness, food, health and wellness. We have also launched the BODY by Finch app to make it nice and easy to incorporate into your busy life.

rachael finch exercising

I love it all equally – life is all about balance. I want my community to develop a healthy relationship with food and nourish their body. The program is there to help you get your body moving with me by your side, to create a happier, healthier and stronger you in less than 30 minutes a day!

You can choose from our signature HIIT circuits, yoga and Pilates inspired sessions and cardio options to give you a total body workout.

We have hundreds of different workouts to improve flexibility, endurance, strength and posture. Available in beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, we have workout options to suit all abilities and fitness goals.

Jordy: You also have an active wear line, BOD by Finch (is there anything you can’t do?!) How do you achieve a range that’s not only gorgeous but practical for workouts?

rachael finch activewear

RACHAEL: I’ve not only grown up wearing activewear, it's also seen me through so many things in life – I gave birth in activewear, I’ve travelled the world in activewear, I met Misha in activewear!

B.O.D. stands for Body of Dance, so there’s a very significant tie to how we met. We thought it would be perfect to combine our passions and our story with our love for staying active. The B.O.D. woman loves feeling healthy, she loves the feeling of being confident and strong, active and fit. She wants pieces that feel supportive, feel connected to her body, showcase her best features and also look really stylish and have a beautifully simplistic fashion element.

Jordy: What’s next for Rachael Finch?!

RACHAEL: For us, we are living our dream where we are right now, and we want to keep building on

that. We want to reach as many as we can around the world and touch as many lives as possible. We’ll be LA this June showcasing BODY! We are also launching a few new products in 2019 and are working really hard to get those under way.

Individually, lots of travel, evolution and growth this year, that’s the plan.

It's All Her readers can enjoy 50% off their first month of the Body By Finch program by using code 'BODYLOVE' at checkout


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