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Kylie Archer from K-Kore by Lagree Fitness

This is Kylie Archer.

Corporate worker turned fitness entrepreneur.

Kylie has a fantastic studio offering Megaformer workouts by Lagree Fitness in Melbourne that guarantees to give you an all body workout that’s going to make your muscles burn!

She Does This sat down with Kylie to discuss how she made the transition into becoming her own boss.

1. You opened your studio 3 months ago, what were you doing before this?​

Prior to opening K-Kore I lived in Hong Kong for 3 years (where I discovered Lagree). Most of my working life has been spent in corporate HR & Recruitment roles and I worked for HSBC in Hong Kong. After working there for a while, I really wanted a career change.

2. Have you always had a passion for health and fitness?

Yes, absolutely! I always loved sport as a child, running and competing in triathlons was my passion in my 20’s. I studied Certificate III & IV of fitness in my early 20’s with the intention of moving into a career of fitness training, however I moved overseas and continued on with the 9-5, so that plan was shelved for about 20 years!

3. What is Lagree Fitness and how is it different from other forms of pilates?

Lagree Fitness is a patented method using ​a machine called the ​Megaformer​. It​combines the benefits of ​core stabilisation/​pilates, strength training and cardio in each​ class with zero impact. It is the only workout that effectively addresses ALL components of fitness cardio, strength, endurance, core and flexibility. ​You can read my blog post here which addresses the difference between the ​Lagree Method vs Reformer Pilates​.

4. What were some of the hurdles you faced starting your own business?

So many…it’s been a long road to get where I am now! I had to leave my family in Hong Kong to move back to Melbourne and find a suitable space for the studio, which took forever!  Also there’s a certain amount of negativity towards people in start-ups; there’s not a lot of support around and banks don’t want to know about you. I almost started to feel like a pariah in the end! But after all that it’s starting to pay off and people are coming around to the idea of Lagree Fitness!!! 📷

5. What would the best piece of advice be for women wanting to start their own business in the fitness industry?

​You need to be resilient and persistent and you’ll need some money behind you as banks aren’t overly supportive of start ups! Make sure you have a buffer of funds as well, things never go to plan! ​It’s also important to have good people around you – I couldn’t have gotten to this point without my supportive and loyal friends. Friends that helped me put those gigantic machines together, help paint the studio and just be there as a sounding board around the clock!

Be sure to follow K-Kore on INSTAGRAM to stay up to date!

You can also book your next class HERE


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