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Kyha Scott, founder of One Day Bridal

We spend 5 minutes with the founder of one of Australia's most iconic bridal boutiques. Kyha Scott tells us about how her own experience as a bride fuelled her to leave the police force and start One Day Bridal.

kyha one day bridal
Founder of One Day Bridal, Kyha Scott

You founded One Day Bridal in 2011, what was the inspiration behind the venture?

It was my own wedding experience which led me into the bridal industry. I ended up having a bespoke gown through a local designer. However, I found the process difficult and disappointing and my dress on the day was nothing like the original design we had worked on together.

This experience left me feeling that there was a huge gap in the market for something that wasn't so traditional in design with an experience to compliment it and a quality product at the end of the journey.

We hold the memories of finding and trying on our wedding gown with the most special people around us for ever and I wanted to turn a negative experience into something positive and special.

You left the police force for this business! Was that scary?! Did you have any design experience at all?

I grew up in a creative home, sewing my own clothes from an early age and watching my mum produce her own line of athletic and tennis clothing.  So design and garment construction wasn’t a foreign process, I have always found myself surrounded by it.

I had been working in the Victoria Police for five years but I always felt I was missing a creative outlet whilst I was in the police force, so the career switch progressed naturally.

Leaving initially was very scary, the Police Force provides so much security and has many career opportunities which allow you to work in so many different areas, they also offered great training and learning opportunities. But without risk there isn't reward and in the end I didn't have a passion for it and could see a clear path and opportunity in bridal.

During the transition I studied and worked with talented seamstresses and pattern makers who taught me the fundamentals of design and dress making, but nothing that was ever to formal other than short night courses. I always had a fascination with fashion and textiles and would feel so inspired when I was around fabrics, so although it wasn't a standard gateway into the industry it did feel like a natural progression.

You’ve now got a team of over 40 men and women under you, running the business. How have you managed to scale so successfully?

I have a very strong team around me. These people I trust completely and we work together to overcome the hurdles and celebrate the successes, no matter how big or small they are. We work collaboratively and problem solve daily together.

The team is also very aware of what success looks like for me and for the business. This helps us all work together to achieve a common goal.

I am outrageously optimistic and always feel that we can continually gain learnings from situations. As the business has grown one of the greatest hurdles to overcome has been keeping up with growth. We get to a point where we feel semi comfortable and then we experience growth. With this growth we take on new learnings and as a team we continue to find more efficient processes to keep going.

One Day Bridal has a huge online presence and has designed gowns for celebrities such as Steph Claire Smith, Jodi Gordon, Twice Blessed and more. What's been your all time favourite dress?

Being a creative you are always moving forward and looking for what’s next. This is why some of my favourite designs have been those I have created for friends and family and my bespoke clients. These are some of my favourite gowns because it was the process in creating them that was most meaningful and memorable.

In saying that, at the moment I am also loving our beaded gowns yet to be worn. We have worked hard at creating our own textiles for our next collection coming out in April. We have a new beaded gown I am really excited about, its 70’s, slouchy and like liquid gold.

I recently became engaged, what would be your best piece of advice for women like me looking for their perfect dress?

Enjoy the journey and stay true to yourself and your personal style.

Don't take too many people or go on your own initially to appointments. This gives you the space and time to absorb what you do and don't like as often you will be surprised. Often when we see large groups there are too many opinions and a bride can easily get confused.

Research brands and look online prior to making bookings at bridal studios. Make appointments only at places that you like the look of, going to too many places can easily be overwhelming. Also wear nude underwear and if you are going to wear heels take them to the appointment!

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