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Jules Robinson on finding love, pregnancy & breaking the bladder leakage taboo

We spend 5 minutes with Jules Robinson talking about finding love on MAFS, pregnancy & breaking the bladder leakage taboo.

jules robinson
Image source.

SDT: You shot to fame after finding love on MAFS with Cam in 2019. Can you tell us a bit about life before the show?

Jules: I spent my formative years in the UK, from the ages of 21 to 35. I actually had planned to go back and launch a blow dry bar in London if the show didn’t fulfil my dreams, and I had been working hard on that vision from here in Australia - registered business name and all! That’s how ready I was to return to the UK, but here I am, married twice and a baby on the way!!

I have so much to thank the UK for; travelling the world, becoming completely independent and an amazing career in the beauty industry. When I returned back to Sydney, there was a joke among my friends that dating was my full time job, along with managing and running a blow dry bar in Barangaroo. I’ve always had a colourful, fabulous, driven life, with its ups and downs and heart ache, which is what led me to taking drastic measures to find love. 

SDT: You’re one of very few success stories to come out of the show, how quickly did you know Cam was the one? 

Jules: It’s such a mind blowing scenario to look back on, but when I met him and our vows literally mirrored each other (you only saw a snippet on TV by the way!) I thought ohhhhh this feels good. I could tell we had the same moral compass and values. We weren’t each other’s’ “type”, but that connection very quickly turned into love with a few weeks. When you’re with a stranger 24/7 for 3 months filming, it pretty much equals 1 year of a “normal“ relationship! If I have any advice for dating, it’s to be open! We both joke we would have swiped left!

cam and jules mafs
Cam & Jules wed in 2019 on MAFS. Image source. Channel 9

SDT: Earlier this year you announced you're expecting your first baby! How has pregnancy been treating you during these crazy COVID 19 times?

Jules: It’s been absolutely incredible! It’s been a lot to take in at times, with so many changes, but it’s super exciting! Staying at home with everything going on has meant that I haven’t been able to celebrate in big social gatherings, but the down time has been great because pregnancy can be very exhausting.

SDT: You were recently announced as the face of Always Discreet, can you tell us why you're passionate about the brand?

jules robinson pregnant
Jules is the Australian ambassador for Always Discreet

Jules: Now that I’m pregnant, there’s lots happening in my body and I’m slowly adjusting to all the little changes. The pressure on my bladder, for one, is something you don’t get used to!

It wasn’t until my pregnancy that I realised bladder leakage was ‘a thing’ and I’ve learnt that there’s both stress and urge bladder leakage – I’m more someone who experiences urge bladder leakage, so when I’ve got to go, I’ve got to go!

Since partnering with Always Discreet, I’ve learnt that bladder leakage is actually a lot more common - amongst women of all ages – than we think. The Always Discreet research says that 1 in 3 women experience bladder leakage!

Out of curiosity, I did a bit of my own research on my girlfriends, and was shocked to hear that only 2 had never experienced a bladder leak in their lives!

I think there’s a strong perception that it only happens to older women, and the women who experience it feel unattractive or unfeminine or think something’s wrong with them, when it’s actually very common. Because it’s still considered a taboo topic by 64% of people, many women have never confided in anyone about it or even told their GP, so I really admire that Always Discreet is committed to educating Aussie women about this topic.

Because I lived in the UK, I was very aware of the brand and the amazing work they do, including campaigns to end period poverty. I really resonate with their ethos as it’s all about empowering women, not just through trusted feminine hygiene products, but educating women, helping them feel supported and equal, and encouraging them to live their life to their fullest potential without restrictions. And most importantly, to break down “taboos” like these.

I’m so proud be starting a conversation so women know they’re not alone. The amazing thing about this campaign is that, since launching, we’ve already seen so many women come forward about their experiences with bladder leaks – so it’s making real change!

SDT: Looking forward, where do you hope to see your family in 5 years?  

Jules: In 5 years times, my family will have grown , and let’s be real – they’ll all be playing cricket from the time they can walk, no doubt!

But health is wealth, and inner peace is the new success, so all I can hope for my future little family is to be heathy, surrounded by love and laughter, oh, and enjoying the benefits of my hard work with my shape wear line FIGUR going global!!

Cam and Jules MAFS
Jules & Cam are expecting their first child later in 2020


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