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Jade Kisnorbo shares 6 products to achieve the perfect natural make up look

Makeup artist to the stars, Jade Kisnorbo shares her top 6 products for achieving the perfect natural look

jade kisnorbo

For any natural beautiful skin look, I always start with my go to product, it’s a product I have used for 6 years and it’s the Dr Spiller Collagen cream. This product works as a primer and a moisturiser. It is important to take the time to work all the product into the skin, massaging the face to bring the blood to the surface.

Secondly, I would add additional coverage e.g. a tinted moisturiser or foundation.

Then I will highlight with my favourite RMS Living Luminizer illuminator. Being a coconut base there is nothing that gives you a more natural glow than this amazing highlighter; it’s not too glittery and gives you a fresh complexion.

Any natural look is not complete unless you have a bronzer to sculpt and contour the face. The Hourglass ambient bronzer is the best on the market for a fresh, yet defined look! I love the pigment and natural looking colour.

Next, I use a lip to cheek - I feel Nude Stix really nails this. I love the colour range and how easy they are to use on more than just one part of the face. The product sits well on cheeks, lips and eyes and layered on top of foundation.

Lastly, but oh so importantly, brows to frame the face. I find if brow product is applied too heavy, they can end up ruining a natural makeup look! I like to use Tom Ford’s natural fibre brow gel, it adds enough definition without any warm or orange tones.


dr spiller collagen cream

Hourglass ambient bronzer

RMS BEAUTY Living Luminizer

rms beauty uncover up

nude stix sunkissed set


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