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Is Your Desk Job Harming Your Health?

worker with sore neck

Working in an office might not seem like a particularly dangerous job on the surface, but there are hidden health hazards to working a desk job.

Here's how you can keep yourself as healthy as possible:

Work-related stress

Almost every job has its moments of stress and this includes office work. Whether you’re having to meet tough deadlines or manage difficult clients over the phone, such stress can start to become harmful if you haven’t got the right support network around you. Chronic stress is particularly harmful both mentally and physically – it can lead to depression and anxiety, whilst constant increased blood pressure can lead to heart disease and strokes.

There are many companies out there such as Bluesky Psychology that can help you to overcome work-related stress. Taking small measures to destress such as trying meditation, treating yourself to a hot bath, exercising and getting enough sleep can also make a big impact.

Too much sitting down

Sitting down for long periods could also be damaging your health. A sedentary lifestyle has been linked to depression and obesity. Craning over a desk all day can meanwhile cause back problems, whilst constantly having one’s legs bent whilst sitting can lead to knee problems. A standing desk could be the answer to this.

Taking measures to be active throughout the day can help to reduce some of these health risks. This could be something as simple as making an effort to get up and walk around the office for a minute each hour. This site WorkoutTrends meanwhile offers several deskercises that you can do at your desk. Making sure that your desk and chair are ergonomically positioned can also make an impact – by having the monitor straight in front of you, you shouldn’t have to bend over, whilst having enough room under your desk to straighten out your legs is also important.

Typer’s cramp

Much like writer’s cramp, this cramp is the result of typing all day. In the long run, it can turn into an RSI (repetitive strain injury), which can cause painful spasms and cramps that won’t go away. This can even develop into tendonitis.

Paying attention to ergonomics when typing can help to prevent RSIs from taking hold – this involves typing with your elbows at the same level as the keyboard. Companies like Physio Works can meanwhile offer physical therapy to help heal this RSI if it has already occurred.

Dirty surroundings

Did you know the average computer keyboard is thought to contain hundreds of times more bacteria than a toilet seat? This is because many of us never clean our keyboards despite using them daily. In offices containing lots of people in which colleagues may share keyboards, this can lead to bugs spreading.

Dettol disinfectan wipes

Making sure to clean your keyboard and mouse regularly could stop bacteria building up. Modern keyboards without gaps in between keys can meanwhile prevent crumbs from getting stuck in keyboards – which can be a major source of bacteria (although not eating at your desk can also help!). Having some disinfectant wipes on hand is a great idea as you can use these on your keyboard as well as wiping down your phone every once in a while to prevent germ build up.


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