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Interior designer, Nicole Rosenberg shares her fave style trends for 2020

Nicole Rosenberg
Interior decorator, Nicole Rosenberg

Keep your interiors on trend in 2020 with these style predictions from Nicole Rosenberg....

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1. The continuation of everyones love of rattan!

Rattan bedheads, cupboards, side tables and more!

You will find this in lots of furniture but also in interior design to ie. in cupboard facades. Even IKEA has taken up the popular trend with the IKEA Stockholm cabinet which is always notoriously sold out!

dark walls in living room
Image via Pinterest

2. Use of darker moody colours on walls.

I think people are bored of boring safe grey walls - they have truly been done to death!

People are opting to paint their walls in moodier colours with tinges of grey in them - like green greys and blue greys.

3. Occasional chairs with unusual shapes and colors

I'm loving chairs that spark interest.

I think people have started to get a little more daring with their occasional chairs that err more on the side of ‘style’ than ‘comfort’.

Since these pieces of furniture are used more 'occasionally', you can get away with a less functional chair and get something really interesting!

4. Arches!

Put an arch wherever you can I say!

This interior trend is going to be bigger and better in 2020 and you will see arches in other areas of the home as well - such as kitchens ….

5. Bringing the outside in with plants

Indoor plants have made a massive comeback in the last couple of years and now the design world has an even stronger focus on including greenery into their designs.

For example: these light fixtures below have a spot for an indoor plant.

Melbourne based interior decorator, Nicole Rosenberg, is a creative force in the industry.

Nicole Rosenberg

After having three children, Nicole discovered her penchant for design and started decorating rooms for friends and family.

She founded Liberty Interiors (formerly Little Liberty) in 2006, a company that grew out of her passion for creating beautiful children’s spaces. She now applies her styling expertise to other living spaces and commercial interiors for her clients.

Nicole has attracted a celebrity following including Zoe Foster Blake, Nadia Bartel, Emma Hawkins and collaborations with some of Australia’s leading interior companies such as Adairs and Dulux.


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