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I had a medical grade facial after neglecting my skin for years & this is what went down

So I have found myself in a little bit of a blessing and a curse situation. And know that I write this HYPER aware that it is the most champagne of problems in that it is NOT a real world problem at all and a true non-event.

However the dramatic in me is going to proceed with such hyperbolic distinctions. It has been an absolute blessing in my life that for work I have had people take care of my hair and make up and skin, negating me having to take any responsibility of said areas. However this cushy part of my job has cursed me in a way that I have no idea how to take care of my hair and make up and skin and feel completely inept when it comes to anything health and beauty related. So when I found myself off to Regenerer to have a Premium Facial, I was equal parts intimidated and excited. Intimidated that I would look a fool for not knowing a serum from an oil, but excited to have someone look after my ever neglected face.

Ready to be exposed as a fraud and a novice, I was met by the lovely Courtney who immediately allayed my fears. I instantly felt in safe hands as she went through a very comprehensive pre-treatment questionnaire to assess my skin and design a treatment that would best suit it. She took the reins and I got to lie down and do nothing - one of my favourite things to do, so an already great start.

As my skin was new to such love and attention, Courtney landed on a kickstarter facial, which preps the skin for more advanced treatments I may want to have in the future.

Turns out just as a runner would have to start with a jog and slowly build up to a marathon, you have to be gentle with your skin and slowly progress with treatments. Set a healthy foundation to build upon. And for what was considered the “base level” of facials, it sure felt pretty complex and in depth to me.

We did an Ozone Steam Infusion,

A deep exfoliation,

LED red light therapy,

A Hyaluronic Acid sheet mask,

And finished with an eye lift cream.

Regenerer Amy Ruffle Writer
Don't hate me cause you ain't me

Many words I’ve never heard before and many processes that certainly didn’t feel base level. And my GOODNESS it was a dream. Obviously my skin was eating up all the love and attention it was getting, but the mental relaxation and true zen time was a real bonus.

Regenerer facial
Post-facial bliss, thank you Regenerer!

After going into full bliss mode and hanging onto a waking state for dear life, dream time came crashing back to reality and it was time to return to the vertical plane. Met with my reflection in the mirror, I saw that my skin was glowing and vibrant and everything it previously wasn’t. To spend the afternoon decompressing and having some much appreciated self care time was a gift in itself, but to feel so rejuvenated and see a physical lift in my skin was a true delight. I don’t say this casually, but I was damn luminous and that does wonders for ones confidence!! I can wholeheartedly confirm it was all blessings and no curses on this outing to Regenerer.


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