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How to travel smarter in 2019

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If you’re looking to travel more this year, you’re going to need two things: time and money!

Unfortunately, the two tend to be in rather short supply and are often traded but with the emergence of the remote working lifestyle, there’s more flexible and intelligent ways to make money today that allow you to have both the time and money to travel more.

The first thing you need to consider, then, is where it is you’re going to travel to!

In a moment, we’ll take a look at four of the best destinations that are cost-effective.

First off, let’s take a look at the remote working lifestyle so that you can fulfill your dream to travel more this new year - whether that’s going backpacking through SE Asia or driving across Australia, in which case you might want to visit in order to understand the visa application process better!

If you want to reap the benefits of the freedom lifestyle, money is the fuel that will enable the experiences you want in life and time is the factor that will allow you to enjoy them!

There clearly needs to be a balance of both factors, and one of the best ways to achieve that balance is to embrace the ‘remote working lifestyle’ as either a freelancer or remote business owner; which is basically a business that can be managed from anywhere with an internet connection.

You can read more about running a successful business here.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the best places to travel to this year for long periods of time at an affordable price:



Marrakech is an incredibly colourful and vibrant city. The majority of people visit for just a short while, as there is an element of endurance to be had with exploring Marrakech, due to the frenetic pace, the hustle and bustle, and in summer at least - the sweltering heat.

Marrakech, for some, may feel like stepping into Disneyland, in that it is such an overwhelming delight/attack on the sense. Whilst it provides a stark contrast to the Western World, it is only a short hop on a cheap flight to Mainland Europe and the “new city” offers some very luxurious accommodation at an incredibly cheap price.


Chiang Mai is known as the “capital of the north”. Many would describe Chiang Mai as a mystical land of temples, rice paddies, monks and natural jungle; though whilst this is true for areas around Chiang Mai, the town turned city itself, is pretty bustling and at times resembles a more relaxed version of Bangkok.

Finding somewhere cheap to stay in Chiang Mai is pretty simple. There are several modern condos available, for exclusive rent, on AirBnB at a cost of just $10 per night if you are renting for a month or more. In terms of finding a more traditional short term lease, there are property agents but the majority require three to six months minimum stay.


Manchester is London's little sister that has done some serious growing up in the last few years! The central shopping district is beyond stunning and the food/bar scene is seriously impressive.

Accommodation is also cheaper than London! Great John Street Hotel is a gorgeous boutique located in the heart of Manchester which has all the cozy British feels as well as having all the lux, modern amenities you're after in a hotel.


Berlin is a large multicultural city that is very “cool” yet manages to have an unpretentious charm where the locals value personal freedom and a creative lifestyle more than wealth and status. This means the vibe in Berlin is very light, fun, relaxed yet lively.

Berlin is a large city yet the key areas are easily navigated on foot, as they are all congregated in a reasonably compact central area. Germany isn't known for being a cheap destination when compared to countries such as Nepal and India, but if you are looking for a fun European city that offers great value for money in terms of the experience you’ll have - it’s hard to beat Berlin in terms of bangs for your buck.

With regard to accommodation, the best bet is to look for somewhere on AirBnB, as property agents tend to require a minimum six month commitment - whereas many enterprising creatives list their modern (and occasionally funky) home on AirBnB at a great price.


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