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How to live a more spontaneous life

You’re sitting alone at work staring at the computer screen wondering if this is all life has to offer you. You clock out, fight through traffic to get home, make dinner, watch a little T.V. and call it a night. The next day...rinse and repeat.

Life's too short to pass up on opportunities that come our way. So many of us need to learn to be more spontaneous and explore all life has to offer. It's too easy to want to stay inside on the weekends and catch up on all your Netflix shows to unwind from a long week. But, while you're sitting at home, people are out creating memories that will last a lifetime.

It’s time to get off that couch, stay healthy, and join them, and here's how:

Explore the Beauty of Nature

Jump into your car and just drive. Go for a hike, head to the water, or challenge yourself with some other kind of outdoor adventure. Purchase some tow bars for your automobile so that you have no excuse not to bring anything you need with you on your spontaneous adventure.

Audrey Hepburn said, “The most important thing is to enjoy your life--to be happy--it’s all that matters.” In the end, it really is all that matters. Be with the ones you love, take chances, and go on adventures.

Try Something New

It's way too easy to get stuck in a comfort zone. You know what's safe, what you like, and how to do it. This typically will prevent you from exploring something new and exciting because you have the fear of the unknown. There is a good chance if you have created a bucket list, new adventures are listed on it. So, why would you not start chipping away at the bucket list and pushing yourself?

You're given vacation days from work for a reason. Use them! Don’t make the excuse that there is so much going on at work that you can’t use them. The work will be there when you return, I promise!

Partner Up

Find a group of people to share your adventures with. There are many groups online that get together for various things that don’t even know each other. Be bold and challenge yourself to join one of those groups. If not, find a group of friends that are willing to try some of these new things with you. You're more likely to commit to doing something if you have an adventure partner with you.

New Experiences Change Your Mind

When you decide to venture onto these new experiences, you will notice a shift in your mind. You will want to experience more and be kicking yourself for not starting sooner. It will also help you appreciate the time you have on Earth. Every day that you wake up is a blessing and should be utilized to its fullest. Find the peace and tranquility that you need to have in your life. You deserve to be a part of life’s adventures!


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