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How to handle the boss from hell

By Brooke Benson Campbell

bad boss

We’ve all had to handle at least one difficult boss in our working careers. This can make the working day pretty unbearable and often results in us hating the job we once loved.

Here are my top tips for handling your difficult boss!

What to avoid

Just like an evil Disney character, a bad boss can smell low self-esteem and weakness from a mile away. Some may even get pleasure from intimidation and manipulation. If you find yourself in this situation, consider steering clear of the following:

1. Engaging in gossipy office chit-chat with your coworkers. This can be a major distraction which is guaranteed to slow down your productivity levels and in turn, increase your workload.

working women

2. Complaining to a co-worker is likely to make you more angry, pessimistic and not to mention, increases the risk of your boss noticing. Not the professional way to handle the situation and girl, you’re better than that!

How to handle a bad boss professionally

Now that you know what to not do, strap on your seat belt and take note of the following survival tactics:

1. Focus on the task at hand by knuckling down and completing your to-do list quietly and with focus. Tick those boxes and make yourself indispensable.

2. Kill them with kindness and if you truly love your job, show them by being extra attentive, warm and empathetic. A winning smile is sometimes all you need!

3. Embrace the power of email by sending your boss a short bulleted email update once a week or daily (if required). This will also allow you to document your achievements, track productivity and cover yourself against any finger pointing.

4. Try sitting down and talking to your boss (HR may need to get involved). Be sure to explain your position in a polite and clear manner and see if there is a better way you can work together to achieve the company’s goals.

Consider changing jobs

If nothing changes, despite your best efforts, it could be time to reassess your career-path and begin looking for a new role. If you find your physical and emotional well-being beginning to suffer as a result of your workplace environment, it’s best to reassess your situation. Positive self-esteem and career-growth should be fostered - if your boss or company doesn’t deliver this, it’s time to move on.

Relax and keep calm

If you have to remain in your position for financial or career reasons, it’s important to focus on your mental health and wellbeing to help see you through. Try to incorporate the following stress-relievers in your weekly routine:

1. Save venting or complaining about your boss for people at home. Discuss your gripes with a flatmate, partner or parent instead.

2. Partake in regular sessions of acupuncture, yoga, exercise and meditation, which can be booked through Breathe in and breathe out - it will all be okay.

3. When you get a moment, leave the office space whether that’s for a lunchtime walk or outdoor meeting. Mother nature is here to help you feel balanced again!

woman meditating

Now you know what to do, it’s time to put it into practice. Start your tomorrow on a positive note and if it means dropping that dead weight boss, do it!

Don’t let anyone inhibit your potential.

Put your well being and health first.

Brooke Benson Campbell is a beauty and wellness expert at Bookwell


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