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Get the look: accessorize with multiple ear piercings

jackie mack designs

From Kylie Jenner and Bella Hadid through to Miley Cyrus and Sienna Miller.

Accessorising your ears is a real thing.

To get our earspo, we spoke with Jackie Damelian creative director of Jackie Mack Designs who specialises in semi-fine jewellery specific to the layering trend to find out how to get the look...

- Firstly, it’s all about balance! Small ear lobes look best with fewer piercings so that the jewellery doesn’t overlap.

sienna miller ear cuff

- Larger ear lobes can get away with more piercings.

- When you don’t know what’s best for your ears, choose smaller hoops or Huggies as they are always on trend and never go out of style.

- Think long term! Make sure the piercings are aligned and the overall look is balanced.

- Choose one standout piece followed by smaller pieces

- Avoid putting too many chunky earrings in one area. It'll look as if they are all fighting for attention.

- Go for a subtle look that is balanced and cohesive. Choose a huggie with a dangling piece, then a plain huggie, followed by a flat stud. Then add a touch of sparkle with a dainty ear cuff or conch earring.

- If you don’t have multiple piercings don’t worry, use an ear cuff or two!

Jackies top tip: Whether you love a bold look or an effortless subtle look, be creative and have fun!

For more inspiration and jewellery trends, follow Jackie Mack Designs on INSTAGRAM

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