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Get the Kim Kardashian Barbie updo with just 4 products

Kim Kardashian's latest obsession is the classic & “oh-so-flattering” face-framing high bun - now known as

the “Barbie Updo”

Here are the 4 products you need to recreate the look

mermade hair blow dry brush

1. Mermade Blow Dry Brush for volume & shape

2. The Pony Kit featuring hair ties & bobby pins

mermade large claw clip

3. Large Claw clip by Mermade

Step 1. Section your front sections with Mermade no-crease clips & pull the rest of the hair back into a high pony tail.

Step 2. Place the claw clip above your pony tail & arrange the hair at the top so you create a lush, undone & cascading bun. Use bobby pins to secure the hair into place.

Kim Kardashian hair tutorial
Get Kim K's look in just 3 steps

Step 3. Take the front pieces and wind them around the blow dry brush to add face-framing shape & form to the updo.

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