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Get salon SNS results at home with Dipd Nails

*She Does This was gifted product by Dipd Nails but this review is not sponsored*

With beauty salons closed due to COVID, many of us have been investing in self-care and beauty treatments at home. While some treatments should definitely be left in the hands of professionals, there are some products that deliver similar results for a fraction of the time, effort and price.

I tried out the at-home answer to SNS, DIPD Nails and were super impressed with the results.

Founder Nadia Stamp says she would have created the system sooner had she known she could bypass the salon completely.

"It's more hygienic and far more convenient. It's the secret to having fabulous nails wherever, whenever!" she says.

The product: Dipd Nails Starter Kit

Cost: $89.90

Great for you if:

  • You want a salon finish at home. By following the instructions carefully and taking my time, I was able to achieve an incredible result.

  • You want a more cost effective solution to SNS. I would usually pay at least $40 in a salon, so Dipd is well and truly more economical.

  • You haven't missed the salon and want a more convenient way to do your nails.

The cons:

  • May take a bit of practise if you haven't had SNS before. There's a certain 'knack' to this that some may find a little tricky at first. After having SNS done for a while, I was familiar with the technique.

Final takeaway:

Dipd is well worth the investment if you're looking for a salon finish at home!


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