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Get cozy with these living room essentials

After a long day of work, there's nothing better than coming home to a warm and inviting space that makes us feel at ease and comforted. There's many different spots within your house that you'll reside in depending on your mood and what you're up to, but the living room is an area that tends to get used the most, this is where you relax and unwind in front of the TV or snuggle up on the sofa with a cup of tea.

You want to set the right environment to be able to do all of those things.

Here's what your living room can't live without:

Some colour

You can do whatever you want in the comfort of your own home - you can be as wild and bold as you wish, or serene and classic, or royal and luxurious. It all comes down to your taste and style. Bear in mind that colour reflects personality, so the more honest you are, the more your home will sing. Also, have a think about what vibe you want the room to have. Deep colours are always a nice way to indulge in a space, like chocolate browns, wine reds, and plum purples. You can then add a secondary colour and show that off through the decor you have.

I personally love to go with simple greys, white's and blacks and then splash out with coloured cushions and throws.

Some comfort

One of the best things that you can do after a long day, is changing into some comfy, cozy clothes (and ripping that bra off!). So it's important to get the right amount of comfort furniture wise, so that you can really let yourself go. Just think about what a wonderful sensation it is to feel your bare feet against a fluffy warm carpet. You can either run this through the whole room, or create the illusion of two sections by having half carpet and half wood - it's entirely down to what you prefer. If you want to find the best kind of flooring, then shop with companies like Carpet One who provide you with a whole variety of options.

Some lighting

Lighting is such a powerful thing and is able to create any mood just be the strength and style of the light.

While it's also good to have your main source that lights up the whole area so you can see exactly what you're doing, you also want to have the option of dimming things down without sitting in a pitch black room. You can either do this by installing a dimmer switch to give you full control over the amount of light you have. Or you can implement the use of lamps in certain areas of the room for that warm glow.

Candles are another pretty way to add subtle hints of warmth too.

What are your essentials for a cozy night in?



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