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Genius hacks to keep little ones entertained at home

kylie archer kidgredients

Kylie Archer from Kidgredients shares her genius hacks for keeping little ones entertained at home

When it comes to entertaining your kids, normally the first thing that springs to mind is “where can we

go?” or “where can we take them?”. However, it doesn’t need to be like that! Having to be at home more has brought out my creative juices.

Here are four fun activities you can do at home with the kids - all with items that you'll likely have around the house!

Get cooking

Choose a simple recipe and make it as easy as possible by taking out tricky steps and making them easier for little hands. For example, we roll cookies out between sheets of GLAD Bake & Cooking Paper so that nothing sticks. It makes the experience more fun when it is successful! Choose an egg-free cookie recipe for baking and the kids can even sample whilst cooking. Let go of perfection and remember everything can be fixed with icing and sprinkles.

Kitchen science

Ever tried to shake cream in a jar until it turns to butter? It’s such an awesome activity and you get to eat

the spoils! Plus, it wears the kids out in a big way. It’s simple: thickened or pure cream goes in a jar with a lid and you shake like crazy until it separates to butter and buttermilk. The buttermilk can then be used for pancakes and the butter can be used like normal butter.

Drawing and tracing

Find a picture and trace it- old school style! Take a sheet of GLAD Bake & Cooking Paper and trace the outline with a sharpie. Flip it over and shade the back with a pencil. Pop it on a clean sheet of paper and trace the outline again and the drawing will appear on the paper.

It takes so much longer than printing out a colouring sheet and the kids get a lot of fun out of it. Pretty soon you'll find them wanting to trace pictures from books all the time!

Baking paper and pencils are all you'll need to create colouring sheets!

3D shapes building challenge

Grab some marshmallows and toothpicks. See if you can build cubes, then move onto harder shapes like

prisms and pyramids. Have a building challenge to see who can build the biggest wall. The best part of the challenge is eating the marshmallows at the end!

glad reseal bags

Painting fun

Make some paint using cornflour and water and get painting.

I make mine in a GLAD Snap Lock Reseal

bags for ease of clean-up. You just need cornflour, boiling water and a few drops of food colouring.

The good thing is, it washes out easily and is non-toxic…if the kids decide to stick their fingers in it.


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