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Fit for a Queen – how to pick the perfect sports bra

The perfect sports bra should be your ultimate workout buddy. Supportive, comfortable and lots of fun!

Yet, these qualities can be hard to find and can often leave you feeling overwhelmed.

They’re either way too tight, not supportive enough, or simply not stylish. Plus, with the continued popularity of wearing athleisure in our everyday lives we need these sports bras to suit all versions of ourselves.

So, let’s break down how to find that perfect fit to smash your next workout session, be zen after Yoga or just feel comfortable throughout the complexities of daily life.

Low vs medium vs high impact - why does it matter??

The first step is to ask yourself, “how much support do I need?”. Thankfully, there are plenty of options which provide optimal support without compromising comfort to help elevate your workouts. Sports bras are usually divided into low, medium and high impact.

Low and Medium Impact: weightlifting, cycling, walking.

High Impact: Running, HIIT, basketball etc.

On any sports bra checklist you are destined to see support and comfort at the top of the list. But this can look different for every woman but knowing what's out there can help tick off your boxes and find exactly what you need. You can visit Triumphs bra size calculator to help find the best sport bra fit for you and our style selector quiz for the perfect bra for your choice of exercise.

Here are some important points to keep in mind when selecting your sports bra:

● Find an underwire that fits: If you’re trying on a high support sports bra with an underwire, it should lay flat against the rib cage below your breasts, and not pinch or poke into it. If the centre of the bra is lifting or poking up or pokes out at the front and doesn’t sit flat against your chest, then the bra you’re trying on is probably too small.

● Check for no Wrinkles: Sports bras need to be a little tighter than your usual bra but comfort is your main priority. The fabric of the cup/front of the sports bra should be smooth when fitted against your body. Wrinkles in the fabric usually indicate the cup is too big whereas if you are spilling from the top, bottom or sides means the cup/front is too small.

● Check the back strap: A soft non-wired sports bra is optimal for those wanting a Look for a comfortable and adjustable back strap that isn’t riding up.

A wider strap will usually disperse weight better and provide more support. The Triaction Control Lite Minimiser Sports Bra provides optimal functionality with padded 3D straps that fully adjustable both front and back with security hook on front strap

● Check the top straps: Wide and adjustable straps will last longer and provide more support. For high impact sports bras, straps that cross over can also be more secure, but often less adjustable. Check the straps are not digging into your skin or slipping off your shoulders. To ensure the most comfortable fit you should be able to fit two fingers between the straps and your shoulders.

● Move around: You’re buying a sports bra to move in it, so give it a test! Jump up and down to get a feel for the support the bra will provide.


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