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Faith Williams shares 5 ways to care for blonde hair

Hairdresser and founder of Blondee Salon, Faith Williams shares her top tips for looking after blonde hair.

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1. Use toning products regularly (but not too often!)

Blonde shampoo and treatments help to eliminate golden tones in your hair as the violet counteracts gold.

It’s a great way to condition your hair but be careful not to use it too often or you can overtone your hair.

There is a point where it won’t go brighter – if you have toned out the gold in one wash and continue to use it too much, your blonde actually begins to go darker as the violet and blue tones build up in the hair and make it look lifeless and dull.


Your hair and the strength of the blonde product you have will determine how often you should use it. If you want a bright creamy blonde, I usually recommend using it once every 3 washes. If you wash your hair once per week, you should use it once every 3 weeks.


2. Continue to use professional products after you go home from the salon

When you go lighter, you really do need to ensure you are using a good combination of strengthening treatments and also adding some extra hydration into the hair, for example a leave-in moisturiser. This is honestly a non-negotiable for going blonde! You pay top dollar to go blonde and then go home and not use professional products on your hair – you need to look after it and professional products are the way to go. 

My favourite treatment for blondes is the Fusion mask by Wella. It has a great balance of strength and moisture but oh my goodness it leaves your hair feeling like heaven. Pair this with a leave in treatment such as 'Young Again Serum' by Kevin Murphy and you are off to a good start. I can't stress enough how much of a difference it actually makes. 

3. Sleep with a loose silk scrunchie if you must & a silk pillowcase.

If you are a restless sleeper this will help reduce friction on your hair while you sleep meaning less frizz. Plus, it will maintain your blow dry or curls. Not only is silk amazing on your hair it's amazing on your skin which means less wrinkles. BONUS!


4. ALWAYS use heat protection

Heat is just as bad if not worse than colouring your hair blonde. When you actually are blonde and don't use heat protection, you are asking for 101 split ends.

Make sure you use it before blow drying/curling/straightening or applying any heat to your hair. If you are touching your hair up with heat in between washes, make sure you reapply as it doesn’t last overnight. 


5. Use a good hairbrush

This might not be something you have thought about before but using a good hairbrush will really help prevent damage and save you time on brushing. My all-time favourite brush for wet hair is one called Denman Tangle Tamer D90L. You can use it for wet or dry hair and will get out the knottiest of knots without damaging your hair.  You will never use another brush again. This brush isn’t designed for heat though so make sure you use a paddle brush or a round brush for blowdrying.


faith williams

More about Faith and Blondee

Founded in 2019, BLONDEE is Australia’s leading blonde specialist hair salon. Just over 18 months old, BLONDEE has grown from zero to nine employees and growing with a waitlist of over 800 people.

Known for her appearance on The Bachelor, Faith has come a long way since her 2016 stint on the reality television show. After the show, Faith decided to quit her job and work for herself specialising in all things blonde. She quickly saw a gap in the market for a blonde specialist salon which led her to opening Brisbane's only dedicated blonde specialist salon BLONDEE.


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