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Emmylou MacCarthy shares 5 ways to make this Mother's Day special

EmmyLou mothers day

Do your kids or partner need a nudge in the right direction this Mother's Day?

Social media sensation, EmmyLou MacCarthy shares 5 ways to make the day special for Mum.

**Feel free to pass this on to your kids and significant other** Because you bloody deserve to feel like the incredible Mum you are.

Here are 5 ways to make this Mother's Day one to remember...

1. Give mum a break this Mother’s Day

Let mum relax and take over whipping up the Mother's Day feast for her and your extended family. Hit up BIG W for decorations, then collect treasures from around the house for the finishing touches. Think fairy lights, family photos and foliage collected from the garden.

2. Celebrate the night before

Why not turn Mother’s Day into a Mother’s Weekend by pampering your mum the night before? Create a spa at home gift pack filled with moisturiser, an eye mask, body scrub, nail polish, and a nice pair of PJs - everything she needs to relax and unwind.

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3. Give her a night with the girls

Sometimes the best Mother's Day for mums involves no mothering whatsoever!

So make sure you stock up on her favourite treats and a few scented candles then make yourselves scarce so she can enjoy a Girl's Night In.

4. Handwritten notes

Write some cute notes on things that mum can ‘cash in’ when she needs some pampering - a cup of tea with an afternoon treat, breakfast in bed, a foot rub, an evening off, an hour to watch her favourite TV shows uninterrupted or a weekend sleep-in. That way, you know she'll get something she really wants.

5. Put together a personal playlist

Is your mum a rock 'n' roll queen? A pop princess? A raver from way back? Put together a playlist of her fave tunes (sorry, but this means no Encanto!) and play it throughout the day. She'll start to associate the playlist with Mother’s Day, creating memories to last long after the music has ended.


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