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  • Emma Blomfield

Emma Blomfield shares her top 5 interior trends for 2021

Covid has undoubtedly impacted the way we live and operate at home in so many ways and we're seeing this filtering through more permanently in renovation and new build plans.

With a focus on home office space, chill out zones where family members can truly unplug and more.

1. Colour palettes are starting to warm up rather than cool down. For a long time we were heavily influenced by the very Scandi trend of crisp white and cool grey. Now we're moving towards sandy tones, creams, beiges and taupes. Warmer tones evoke feelings of cosiness and comfort - any link to the world climate - we think so!

2. 70's Revival - this started coming through in 2020 but shows no signs of going anywhere any time soon. Think curved lines, terracotta or clay colour tones and terrazzo accents. All reminiscent of the 70's but in a new modern way.

3. Dedicated Home Office Space - before 2020 many workers only dreamed of a work from home environment. Now it's become the norm and homeowners are scrambling to make their home office space a comfortable one. Whether that's carving out a special work space in the dining room or an actual room dedicated to working, finding a cosy spot to work has been high on the priority list for our clients.

4. Bringing the indoors, out - Since we couldn't make many plans beyond our homes last year there's a big focus on making sure there's space at home to entertain friends on balmy weekends. Having a dedicated outdoor living space has become almost more important than an outdoor dining space.

5. Curves - We took all the 80's arches out of many homes for much of the 90's and 00's but we're finding ways to add some interest and soften a room with curved edges on kitchen island benches, bathroom vanities and even exterior walls. They add a really lovely element to a space as opposed to a very linear look we've been used to until now.


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Emma Blomfield
Emma Blomfield

Emma Blomfield is an Australian Interior Designer, Author, and Co-Founder of Decor Library.

Emma's work brings together her sophisticated design prowess, fresh vision, and sharp business acumen.

Emma uses her repertoire of styling, colour and furnishings to deliver simple decorating concepts that combine function and aesthetics.


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