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Eat & Drink with her in Los Angeles

One thing some people may not know about me is that I lived in Los Angeles for over two years. I was pursuing acting and spent majority of my time either auditioning or waiting for auditions, which left a lot of time for me to indulge some other passions of mine, eating delicious food and drinking delicious drinks.

So many people have this misconception that American’s only eat supersized, fatty fast food- NOT TRUE!

One of my favourite aspects of LA were the bars and restaurants that I found in and around Los Angeles.

Here are some of my top picks…

The Grove is in my mind the best place to shop in Los Angeles. It just feels like you’re on the set of a movie walking through this outdoor mall. La Piazza overlooks the stunning fountain and has amazing Italian food. Great food and even better setting!

English style pub on Melrose Avenue. Cozy meals like fish and chips, steak pies and schnitzels aren’t so common in America are all on the menu here. If you ever make it there, try the deep fried brussel sprouts! As a non-sprout eater I was hesitant, but these are something else and are sure to convert any brussel sprout haters!

You really need a full day set aside for this part of LA. Leave your car at Santa Monica Beach and hire a bike to ride along the scenic route to Venice. It’s a picturesque ride along the beach, passing skate rinks, markets and some rather interesting characters. When you arrive in Venice, head up to the balcony of the Venice Beach Bar. Enjoy the SPECTACULAR view while sipping on a refreshing beer

and nibbling on whatever tickles your fancy off the Mexican/American style menu.

Hands down some of the BEST Japanese there is, I loved everything I tried off this menu. My top picks are the Tuna & Avocado Sashimi, Albacore Truffle Roll, Butter Lettuce Cup with Miso Black Cod and the Spicy Tuna. My mouth is watering just thinking about this place!

One of the coolest cocktail bars in West Hollywood in terms of fit out and general vibe, perfect date spot too! This was one of my favourite places to hang out on a Friday night. Get yourself some Truffle Fries and a Gangster Cocktail (yes, that’s the name) and you’re set for a great night.

If you’re going to get a burger anywhere in LA, get one at Umami Burger. From standard beef burgers to something a little more gourmet, Umami has something for everyone. The buns are soft and delicious and all the ingredients are FRESH. My favourite? The Truffle Burger. A patty with truffled aioli, truffle glaze and house truffle cheese. Can you tell I like truffle?!

Los Angeles is home to any poolside bars but this one was my favourite. Amazing food and cocktails, the perfect way to spend a sunny day in California. Just make sure you get there early enough to reserve a spot as it gets busy very quickly in the Summer!

Just like Laurel Hardware, The Eveleigh has an amazingly cool fit out and vibe. Perfect place to come for brunch or afternoon drinks with a few friends. The food was delicious every time I ate here! Order a few sharing plates so you can sample more from the menu!

Not much from the outside, but the Sunset Boulevard restaurant was ALWAYS packed when I lived in LA- a testament to how good it really is. Real deal, delicious Mexican and the home of the Flaming Margarita. Need I say any more?

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