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Dressing for a work event

If you have a business event coming up, you'll want to take note of the all important dress code. The way you present yourself is a reflection on your brand and business, so you want to get it right.

We've compiled some suggestions for you based on different dress codes below so you can walk into your next event with confidence.

Business Casual

When you're navigating the somewhat murky waters of casual dress, you need to make sure that you focus on the formal side.

You’ll want to integrate one, or even two casual elements while also keeping the rest of the look you have going on, quite formal.

This may mean that you put on jeans with heels and even a silk blouse, for example. Looking polished is the overall look you should be going for here.

Business Formal

If you're attending a formal business event, your outfit doesn’t need to be boring. If you do have to wear a suit then try and think beyond a traditional one.

You might also want to consider wearing it with separates too as this will differentiate your look. Business formal should really be the best version of your most professional self. It should be dressier than normal, but it should also have a visual kick or even a statement.

You want to be noticed, but you also need to make sure that you are professional as well so keep that in mind.

Cocktail Parties

This is less formal than black tie, so you have the chance to be a bit more creative. Skip out on the long gowns and opt for something that is mid-length. Some cocktail events are much more formal in nature, whereas others are much more casual. Either way, you do have plenty of room to be fun with your choice.

cocktail party dress

Black-Tie Events

You may want to opt for a full-length gown, or even a midi-length for a black-tie event. Shorter varieties work just as well, especially if you opt for black. If you're on a budget then keeping it classic is always the way to go. If you don’t feel as though you are dressed up enough then you can always opt for some fashionable accessories.

This can include pearl drop earrings or even necklaces. When you do, you can easily turn any outfit into a show-stopping piece and you can also look very professional at the same time too.


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