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Different strokes for media channels

The power of social media marketing is unrivaled in the modern world.

Nothing comes close to the efficacy of bringing all types of customers to your business, like advertising on social media.

But look at it from the perspective of the social media giants of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They don’t want their websites to be the same. They don’t want to give their users a carbon copy of one another.

They want to be unique and that presents a challenge for businesses. Different strategies must be found for your marketing campaigns, for the different platforms. Instagram is mainly an image sharing platform. Twitter is a mix of imagery and short videos. Facebook is mainly PPC ads with imagery being the most common.

You need to approach these platforms in the correct ways

The beauty of Instagram

Instagram is by far the most used and popular social media platform. It's mainly an image-based platform that makes marketing a whole lot easier and cheaper. You could hire a professional photographer to take pictures of your products for marketing purposes. They will sit down with you to discuss what kind of style your business is and therefore, how the product should be styled in turn. If you sell an energy drink, you will want to create different scenarios whereby your drink would be relevant. This could be something like a gaming setup, so you’re targeting video game enthusiasts.

You may also want to target extreme sports athletes such as motocross and skateboarders. The images should be vivid and extremely high-quality so they stand out on Instagram. Then you will need to create hashtags so your posts can become viral, tagged and found easily.

Scrolling-down city

Twitter is a more vertical platform, where posts are shown in a feed style. Therefore, users will always be scrolling down to see the latest posts and catching up on things they missed. Twitter allows for PPC ads as well as short video ads in between posts. Their promotional service is definitely something you will want to use.

Work with an seo expert that is familiar with the latest marketing trends for Twitter. They’re versed in Twitter-specific vocabulary as well as the little tricks around video marketing. Videos are eye-catching and they will always trump PPC ads. Using a professional film team, you should create a 6-second ad which is the most common length on Twitter.

Still relevant

Facebook is still relevant and in fact, has done very well for the previous year. Many people are liking the Facebook Live feature which should be used as a way to connect with customers via live streams. Answering customer questions and greeting people who enter the live stream is a simple yet effective way to bridge the gap. PPC ads are the bread and butter of Facebook. Using this platform for your slide image ads is very cost-effective, more so that automated video ads.

Every social media platform is different therefore you need to approach your marketing campaigns uniquely for each. Twitter is the most versatile platform, great for hashtags, image-based marketing as well as automated video ads.


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