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Cute date ideas that don't involve drinking

Michaela Josephson, Dating Expert for Fitafy app shares date ideas that don't involve booze.

dating expert, michaela josephson
Dating expert, Michaela Josephson

We’re all too familiar with the typical nerves of a first date – will they like me? What do I do if there's an awkward pause?

For many, alcohol is the go-to solution to calm first date nerves, but for many who love their early mornings or the growing cohort of sober curious Aussies, what does an alcohol-free date look like? And is this even a thing?

The answer is yes!

While sitting in a pub sans a glass of wine might feel awkward, there are countless alcohol free and fun date ideas that not only do not involve alcohol, but create the perfect opportunity to bond over shared experience. And actually remember what you talked about the next day!

In order to boost your confidence in preparation for an alcohol-free date have a think about what your strengths are in a relationship and social setting. Be aware of what you know you’re good at and try and keep them in mind rather than letting the nerves of what could go wrong lead your emotions.

Here are my Fitafy approved top 6 booze-free date ideas!

Sunrise coffee: Instead of a late-night movie or a few too many wines while you’re waiting for dessert. Get an early night and pop your alarm clock on for 5:30am, pick up your date with their favourite coffee order and head down to your local lookout or beach to enjoy the sunrise.

Surfing lesson: Of course, this is only available for those who live on the coastline – but book in for an early Saturday morning surf lesson at your local beach. This is a sure way to get those abs working with all the laughing that will be happening!

Walk it out: No matter where you live in Australia, you are guaranteed to find beautiful hikes and walking tracks nearby. Pack sunscreen, plenty of water and off you go!

couple walking
Michaela suggests going for a scenic walk with your date

Fitness class: Challenge yourselves and sign up to a fitness class that neither of you have never done before, try aerial yoga, Zumba or kick boxing.

Bike Ride: With the setting sun, a nice summer breeze and your date, take your bikes (or hire some) down to the beach boulevard or local park and just enjoy your surroundings!

Head to your local farmer’s market: Feeling as fresh as a daisy on Sunday morning, why not take your date to your local farmer’s markets and enjoy a fresh croissant, coffee and even get some food shopping for the week done!

New Aussie dating app Fitafy, designed to help singles interested in healthy living to find their perfect “fit” was created by Brendon McCormack after realising that his fitness enthusiast peers were struggling to find love on traditional dating apps.


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