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Creating focal points in your living room

The typical living room tends to be designed around one focus point – the TV.

However, living rooms are also the preferred reception area when you receive guests and family. So naturally, you're wanting to create an ambiance that is welcoming, but also diverse.

The easiest and most effective way to transform your living room decor without breaking the bank is to add new focal points to your interior. Be careful not to overdo it, as too many elements can make the room appear messy and overwhelming.

However, a large living room can take 3 to 4 points of decor convergence without feeling cramped.

Add colourful accessories

You need to think of your living room as a whole to add exciting touches throughout the room. The main point of interest should be the sofa, which is the area where you and your guests can relax. A colourful sofa, for instance, can revive the atmosphere and give your living room an energetic kick. If you are not keen to buy a brand new sofa, you can add a touch of personality with vibrant cushions and throws. The current trends both on the catwalks and in the home are a mixture of purple, pistachio, and bright orange.

plush sofas

Combined with a traditional sofa, they can create a welcoming and visually pleasing seating area.

A lighting fixture that turns heads

The living room is typically the place of your home where people naturally spend a lot of time. Therefore, every little detail you add will help to give it a new life. Unlike a study or a home office, you don’t need to worry about whether your lightbulb is too bright for the screen or your lighting fixture blocks the bookshelf.

hanging pendant lights
Pendant lights available at Temple & Webster

You can embrace dramatic pendant lights or a romantic chandelier to transform the room. Let the light shine and become a piece of art, instead of being just a practical function.

Find something new to look at

Your reception area needs to help your guests to relax. A fish tank, for instance, injects not only a sense of peaceful elegance top the living room, but research has also shown that watching fish can reduce your stress levels. Also, something fun for the kids!

Alternatively, you could also create an indoor garden that can spread across on wall. Houseplants also help to calm the mind.

Rearrange that book shelf

If you’ve got a standard bookshelf in your living room, it’s time to bring it to the heart of your decor. You can find an appealing way of arranging your books, by colour or even by height. Reading a book can give you a bubble of peace to escape from everyday stress. Your display can add some personality to the decor.

Some may be impressed by your collection of novels, while others might fall in love with your collection of candles and decorative accessories. This is a chance to just get creative!

Create an accent wall

Lastly, you can create an accent wall using inventive geometric wall paint – which you can do easily with painting tapes. Alternatively, a gallery wall also fills the room effectively and tastefully, while showing off your best holiday/family memories.

So now the question really is, when are you throwing your next dinner party?!


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