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Clean home hacks for people on the go

If you're anything like me, cleaning can fall way down the list of your priorities, especially being constantly on the go with work. Between a busy job and a busy social life, finding the time to keep your home clean isn’t always easy.

How do some people make it look so effortless?!

If you can’t spare the time to keep your home in shape (or just can't be bothered!), here are some great hacks for maintaining a livable standard.

Become a minimalist

A home that’s full of clutter can look messy, even if things are clean. Not only that but having lots of things out on display makes for a lot of dusting, something that’s easy to fall behind with. Why not try a minimal look instead? A pre-Christmas clear out can help you get rid of your unwanted items, and investing in some additional storage solutions will keep your home clean and organised.

Storage console from Hunting for Georgoe

Set a daily task list

Instead of saving all of your household chores for the weekend, why not break them up during the week instead? Half an hour every day can make a big difference, and might just mean you need to get up half an hour earlier in the morning. Download a daily cleaning checklist and tackle jobs one day at a time - you’ll be surprised at how easy it is.

Make sensible furniture choices

Some things can be hard to keep looking clean and new, especially furniture, carpets and light coloured worktops. Make it easier on yourself by making sensible furniture choices! Leather lounge suites are easy to wipe clean, making them great for homes with pets or children while hard floors can be easier to maintain than carpet.

Leather couch from Freedom

When buying furniture for your home, ask yourself, ‘can I keep this clean?’ If the answer is no, consider something more practical instead.

Get clever with timers

Feel like your laundry is never-ending? It’s time to make use of the timer. Your washing machine, dryer, and even your dishwasher are likely equipped with a timer so that you can plan your loads around your schedule. Set a load early morning so that’s it’s ready for when you wake up, and another for when you get home in the evening. Things will be ready to put away when you are, and you won’t have to leave it all until the weekend.

Keep clothes off the floor

Even if the rest of your bedroom isn't spotless, having a clean floor makes all the difference. So each night before bed, hang up your work clothes and put away those shoes!


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