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Career skills you gain from becoming a parent

Now more than ever, being a Mother shouldn’t hold you back from advancing your career. Whether you want to take some time off or jump straight back into work after having your child, here are some of the skills you'll return to the force with.

An ability to work with children

Having children of your own proves that you can work with children. This could be useful in certain roles such as working as a swim teacher or working in a toy shop or even working as a hairdresser – any job where you may have to work with kids. You’ll have a better idea of how to communicate with kids and how to keep them entertained. As a result, employers will trust you more and be more likely to hire you for these roles.


Every parent can vouch for the fact that having kids requires you to develop patience. A sense of patience is important in most jobs – it can allow you to more easily deal with problems without panicking or getting angry. This could include dealing with difficult clients or even difficult employees.

Negotiation skills

Many jobs require you to be a negotiator such as sales jobs and even counselling jobs. This is a skill that is often required when parenting, whether it’s dispelling a tantrum or solving conflict between two angry siblings. Employers are likely to value this skill as it shows you can deal with difficult clients without them having to step in.

Time management

Parents are constantly juggling tasks and working to deadlines. Having to get yourself ready in the morning whilst getting your kids ready is a prime example of this. Most jobs involve multi-tasking or working within time constraints, whether you’re working in a restaurant kitchen or organising a marketing event.


Employers are always looking for new management material either to assist them or take over from them one day. Being a parent can give you an advantage as it shows you’re used to having responsibility over other people. Not only this, but being a parent can help you to develop mentoring skills, which are essential when training and motivating new employees. Parents are always having to teach their kids right and wrong as giving advice. As a parent, you could find that you’re able to gain the trust of new employees and take on the role of mentoring more naturally.


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