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Brow Queen, Suzie Mcintosh on building her brow empire

suzie mcintosh
Brow Queen, Suzie Mcintosh

An architect of the perfect brows, Suzie Mcintosh has created a reputation for crafting the perfect archways on the faces of her clients, building a thriving empire and picking up a long list of celebrity and high-profile clients along the way.

After recently reopening her Melbourne salon, She Does This spoke with Suzie on how she built her brow empire.

SDT: When did your career in the beauty industry begin?

SUZIE: It all started when I was 16 and my mother and sister took me to the salon. I was just fascinated by brow threading and started to teach myself at home! Then I started practicing on friends and it all just kind of happened from there!

After high school, I started in the corporate world and would do all of the woman’s brows in the boardroom at the office. I then left the corporate world and start working at a beauty salon in Melbourne before launching Suzie Mcintosh Brows in 2012, then moved into three new salons over the following three years from outgoing each location before I found the perfect location in Toorak and settled in there.

SDT: Brow feathering has become one of the most popular procedures, what makes it so great for women wanting to achieve the perfect brow?

brow feathering suzie mcintosh
Image via @suziemcintosh

SUZIE: For a lot of women it’s a bit of a corrective surgery. We spent the 90’s plucking, waxing and over thinning our eyebrows, so now as a brow artist we’re filling in the gaps with cosmetic tattooing to put them back in.

It also saves time pencilling in your brows every morning, which can be such a time intensive task because one ALWAYS ends up not being quite right, or quite even!

SDT: How have brow trends changed over the years? What is the number 1 request you receive from clients now?

SUZIE: These days, all my clients tend to want more thick, full brows. We also get a lot of requests to leave the tint on a bit longer to leave a nice dark stain on the skin.

SDT: You've got a huge following on Instagram with a loyal posse of brow lovers behind you! How do you use social media to help market your business?

SUZIE: Social media has been a huge deal for us! It doubles as a live portfolio of the work we have done, and the clients we have worked with. It’s important for us to be active on social media and showcase the work we do – especially the before and after shots!

suzie mcintosh instagram

suzie mcintosh brows
Suzie utilises social media as a way to showcase her portfolio of work

SDT: You have a salon in Sydney and recently reopened the doors in Melbourne, what does the rest of 2019 hold for Suzie Mcintosh?

Yes! We just opened the Sydney salon last month! Besides working between the two locations, I will be jetting off to host three international masterclasses being held this year. It feels like I am spending more time in the sky than on the ground these days, but I absolutely love it and wouldn’t have it any other way!

Follow Suzie on Instagram or book your appointment HERE!


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