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Balancing your hormones to achieve better health

Are you struggling to achieve clear skin? Maybe you feel bloated all the time, or feel like you're getting new rashes and/or sensitivities? You might need to look at your hormonal balance (or lack thereof) for clues.

Below are some tips on how to balance your hormones so you can get back to feeling like YOU!

Cycle related spots

Acne is a teenage problem right?! WRONG! So many adult women suffer hormonal breakouts that are related to their menstrual cycle. Apart from your diet, which is very important when it comes to your skin condition, you'll also have to look at your hormonal balance. If you feel like you are having periods that are too light or too heavy, or they are irregular, chances are that your hormonal imbalance is responsible for your spot and acne. Visiting your GP or a Naturopath for some herbal remedies or supplements could be all you need to get back on track.

Of course, life changes and hormonal changes will affect your skin too. If you're pregnant, you'll have to find new ways to care for skin, as you will have different needs and product restrictions during this time.

Your pregnancy skin care should be focused on PH neutral creams and you will have to be more gentle than usual. Your hormones will be knocked out of balance, so having an effective skin care routine and cleansing schedule is more important than ever.

Clogged pores

If you're suffering from clogged pores, this could be due to your skin’s inability to get rid of excess fat. If you're sure that your skin care routine is fine, and you're doing everything you can to get rid of the toxins and residue, chances are that you'll need to check whether your hormones are causing your problems. Get a blood test that contains a TCH screen, to see if your thyroids are functioning well.

Your Digestive System

Your digestive system is also connected to your hormones, which you'll notice when you're on your period. You'll feel up and down, and your digestion will be all over the place. Whenever you feel bloated, reduce the pressure on your digestive system. Starting the day with fresh lemon juice and pure water will help you improve your skin condition long term. Eating nourishing foods that you know your body tolerates well during this time will also help a great deal.


We often underestimate the impact stress can have on our body. Stress can cause headaches, digestive issues, insomnia, hives and more, so we really need to find ways of reducing it. Meditate every morning or find a way to unwind that works for you. Do something that you enjoy, have some me time, so you can improve your mood, your stress levels and over all health.

If you feel that stress is getting the better of you, help is available. Beyond Blue can give you immediate, professional assistance for any mental health issue.


When we don’t exercise enough, we can become more stressed and our digestion slows down. When you're over 40, your metabolism might start feeling a bit sluggish. You might mistake bloating with painful Cystitis, which can be taken care of if you drink more water, exercise regularly, and talk to a professional.

Most of the cases don’t require a surgical procedure, but it is recommended that you talk to a professional to find out whether you should take medication for the condition.

It's well known by skin care professionals and dermatologists that your hormonal system is closely related to your immune system.

If your hormone production is out of balance, your body’s ability to fight viruses and bacteria will be reduced. Always seek the help of a professional if you believe there is an underlying issue.


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