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Australian PR Queen, Roxy Jacenko

Roxy Jacenko is a force to be reckoned with...

From starting her own agency at just 24, Roxy's success saw her thrust into the limelight, with much of her life playing out before the eyes of the Australian public. Never one to shy away, Roxy speaks about her challenges (and victories) with a rare yet refreshing sense of candour.

She Does This sat down with the PR Queen herself to talk about life, business and her new ambassadorship with Di Stefano Coffee.

1. You started your PR firm in 2004 when you were just 24, which would have taken serious guts. What made you believe you had what takes to make it on yor own?

You know what, I never set out doing anything to fail. The drive and dedication that I have has always brought me out on top – now that is not to say there have not been struggles, but my detractors are always my biggest motivators in business and life in general.

2. Fast-forward 15 years and Sweaty Betty is one of the country’s leading PR firms and you also have a handful of other successful businesses under your name. What character traits do you believe people need to achieve success?

Roxy is the newest ambassador for Di Stefano coffee

I have said it before and will say it a million times more: why walk when you can run!

This super competitive industry requires passion, and above all common sense! A positive attitude will always get you over the line in PR.

3. Looking at your career so far, what’s been the biggest challenge for you?

My challenges have been VERY public, yet my career has always held up. Of course my husband going to jail, was one of the most challenging times for me. I still had two children to raise, and multiple businesses to run.

4. On top of your busy work schedule, you’re a wife and Mum to Pixie and Hunter. What are your secrets to mastering the juggle?

Di Stefano Coffee! Oli makes my morning skim piccolo for me at home before we leave the house, then I use the machine in the office to make my coffee’s during the day.

And, of course my glam team, who keep me looking Kim Kardashian natural – LOL!

5. It’s obvious that Roxy Jacenko is always working on something new…can you give us a hint as to what 2020 may bring?

While there is nothing major on the horizon, you know I cant sit still! The focus at the moment is expanding the current 5 businesses, and the recent addition of our Chinese Communications Agency, 18Communications is a focus for us. Also watch this space for what is to come for Roxy Jacenko Accessories.

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