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Are you a young family like us? You MUST do this for your children’s future

This article is brought to you by State Trustees.

I lived a pretty care-free existence before I became a Mum. With only myself to think about, I was a frivolous spender and gave very little thought to the future. I certainly NEVER thought about creating a will or considered what would happen to any assets I owned after I depart this earth.

That’s the thing about motherhood. It changes you. It takes everything you know and think you know, and turns it on its head. Suddenly life has new meaning, and everything is inexplicably different.

You have this tiny human to look after and keep safe. And although you don’t want to let your mind wander, the thoughts do creep in of what would happen to this little human if you were no longer around.

It may sound and feel morbid, but we felt it important to sit down together and map out our wishes should the unthinkable happen.

Logging on to State Trustees and completing our online will had a few key benefits:

young family at the beach
We feel great knowing we're securing Evie's future

1. We were able to take our time. We could pause and revisit the online portal if we wanted to take some time to think about important decisions.

2. It was an easy to understand, step-by-step process.

3. No legal or confusing jargon!

Although it took a major life event for us to create our will, it’s really something every Australian should have in place! No matter your age or circumstance, having a will ensures your wishes will be met in terms of funeral arrangements and more.

It’s easy and affordable to create or update your will with State Trustees. The Online Will can be done by anyone Australia wide, takes as little as 30 minutes to complete and costs just $120. From 21 June-July 31, Online Wills are 30% off, taking costs down to $84.00.

Fun fact, it’s recommended that you revisit and adjust your will (if need be) every 3-5 years!

Head to to complete your will in 30 minutes or less.


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