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Adding personality to corporate wear

Life as a professional working woman means you have to look the part just as much as being the part.

Meetings with clients, potential investors or even a new business partner means we sometimes have to throw the corporate wear on, even if it really isn't our jam. Working from home, I'm always in casual, comfortable clothing, so putting on anything remotely corporate just doesn't feel right.

In fact, I feel like an imposter! "Who is this woman in the mirror dressing like she's a hot shot?!"

In these moments, I always like to add something to my outfit that says something about my personality. It makes me feel better, but also shows whoever I'm meeting a little more about me.

Here are some ways that you can add some personality into your next meeting outfit...


Adding jewellery to a work outfit can be tricky. Too much, and you risk looking unprofessional, and the wrong style can look cheap and destroy any power your outfit gives you. But, if you strike the balance right, with a splash of gold jewellery it can make your outfits more unique, while making you feel better and more like yourself. A simple pair of earrings, a plain necklace or bracelet and any wedding bands and be just right. Colette Hayman has some great options at affordable price points.


Your shoes are a crucial part of any outfit. A pair of great high heels can help you to feel more confident and in control. But, equally flat shoes might make you more comfortable and at home in your office. It all depends on your own preference. But, whether you prefer a heel or a flat, your shoes are a great place to add some colour or a funky design to your outfit without going too far. Windsor Smith are a great option for quality and comfort.

Mix it Up

In today’s working climate, business casual is a more viable option than in days gone by. This means that you can often mix things up a little bit. Team a smart, tailored trouser with a more casual jumper, or wear a t-shirt under your suit jacket. Or, try adding a smart jean to a shirt and jacket. Just have a think about who you're meeting with. Are they likely to expect a more formal look? Trust your gut on this one!

Add Colour

Many of us find that over time our workwear becomes navy, black or grey. Our wardrobes quickly become less colourful as these staples take over. Add pops of colour into your look with bright handbags or even a bright lipstick!

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