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Ada Nicodemou's top tips for great haircare

Long time Home and Away star, Ada Nicodemou shares her tips for great haircare.

Use haircare formulated for your hair

There is a reason why there are so many different types of haircare formulas and that’s because everyone’s hair is different. That’s why it’s so important to pick hair products that are suitable for your hair.

Ada Nicodemou hair
Ada Nicodemou shares her secret to gorgeous hair

My hair is coloured, thick and I have to use heating products so I lean towards Hydrating and Repairing formulas and that’s why I am so in love with Thanks To Nature’s Hydrate and Nourish and Repair and Protect range.

I interchange these depending on what my hair needs at the time or sometimes I’ll use the Hydrate and Nourish Shampoo and Conditioner with the Repair and Protect Masque and vice versa.

Double Shampoo

I love to double shampoo my hair because I get that super squeaky clean fresh hair feeling! Double shampooing means that your hair is extra clean but also means that you can go longer between washing your hair which is a huge bonus with my busy schedule.

I leave a wide tooth comb in the shower and I comb through my conditioner when the hair is wet and I leave it for a few minutes before I wash it out.

Hair Masque

A weekly hair masque is always involved in my hair routine, no matter how time poor I am. Right now I’m so in love with the brand new Repair and Protect Masque from Thanks To Nature, it contains Hemp Seed Oil and it leaves my hair feeling so strong, healthy and smells amazing. The best part though, is that it starts to work in just 2 minutes so even if I am super busy I can pop it on whilst doing my regular showering routine. But if I feel that I need the extra nourishment, this masque can be left on for 10 minutes for deep repair.

Air Dry Hair

This is something that I can’t always do due to filming but when I can I like to give my hair a break from heat and let my hair dry naturally.

Avoid brushing wet hair

This tip was given to me by one of my favourite hairstylists and ever since I’ve always avoided brushing my hair after I’ve washed it. Instead I use a wide toothed comb when conditioning, wash out the conditioner and then use a scrunching motion to towel dry my hair. This does 2 things, it stops hair breakage as wet hair is more prone to damage and also allows the natural wave in my hair to come through.

Ada Nicodemou
Thanks to Nature range is available at Woolworths


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