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A quick and easy guide to designing your ideal home space

Creating your ideal home space means you should sit and plan for a while before you actually go out and start buying new things to your home or making changes. Here, we'll give you some quick and easy pointers to create a home you really love.

Ask Yourself How You Use Your Home Currently

Sit down and write out how you like to use your home currently. Include the simplest of things to the more niche things.

For example:

- Cooking in the kitchen - you’ll need space to make food, chop vegetables, etc.

- Eating in the dining room - you’ll need a nice space with a decent table, comfortable chairs, etc.

- Watching movies - potential for a large, high quality TV and maybe some luxurious seating.

- Inviting friends over - a social space where you can relax, have a drink, and catch up.

Figure Out How You Would Like To Use Your Home

If you can’t use your home how you would like to currently, figure out why. Maybe you’d like to read more, but you don’t have a space that you find comfortable enough to sit and read for hours on end. Your new design could include a reading nook with a sumptuous chair and natural lighting!

If you want to invite friends over but don’t feel you can, figure out why. Maybe you could create a garden fit for many evening get togethers, or find ways to transform your lounge space into a space you can all catch up.

Gather Inspiration

Get inspiration together so you know the kind of styles you really love. You can use Pinterest, Instagram, and magazines. Make boards online and in person so you can spot patterns and the styles that resonate with you.

Find The Right People To Help You

You probably won’t be able to create the ideal home all on your own. You may need to hire an architect, interior designer, or even a builder to help you get it right. It’s better to get it right first time than have to pay for mistakes! You could take a look at builders in your area who could help you.

Know Your Budget

Speaking of quotes, you need to make sure that you know your budget. Depending on what you can afford, you may want to take this slowly. You’ll be glad you did, rather than end up with a place that wasn’t really what you wanted or could afford.


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