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A nutritionist shares 3 reasons to go alc-free this Christmas

The silly season is well and truly upon us, and along with this come end of year celebrations with the

holiday tunes blasting and the drinks flowing.

A recent triennial survey conducted by Australian Institute of Health and Welfare found that the number of people who ditched the drink rose from 1,500,000 to 1,900,000 over a three-year period.

Nutritionist Kathleen Alleume
Nutritionist, Kathleen Alleume

There are many reasons why people are choosing to ditch the drink this holiday season, including to improve mood and mental health, improve sleep, and to improve physical health.

Australians are far more in tune with their mental and physical wellbeing and many are turning to alcohol-free socialising as the idea of spending the weekend drinking and recovering from it is not desirable. There are many alternatives for people these days if they are seeking non-alcoholic beverages that still feel like an adult drink.

As the trend to cut back or cut out alcohol is on the rise, coming into summer and the holiday season, T2’s range of cold brewed teas inspired by popular cocktail mixes is a great option for those who want to indulge their tastebuds with something that shouts summer, and is refreshing and hydrating at the same time.

The health benefits are a motivating factor for many choosing to go alcohol-free this silly season:

Want a better night's rest?

According to Australia organisation, DrinkWise, alcohol interferes with the normal sleep process which can make it difficult to fall asleep in the short term and affect the quality of your sleep when you have been indulging in a few drinks. A disrupted night’s sleep will make you feel much less rested, triggering feelings of fatigue, affecting your concentration, memory and alertness.

'Hangxiety & feeling 'down’ after drinking is really common

It can be hard to say no to an alcoholic beverage, especially when in a social setting and drinks are flowing, but if you don’t want to and find that it makes you feel anxious or unsettled, you’re one of the many people that experience this.

While some people associate alcohol with feeling more confident and relaxed, Headspace Australia says that drinking too much alcohol for some people can have a big impact on our mental health because alcohol is a depressant. Alcohol slows down and changes the chemical makeup in our brains so it can lead to people feeling anxious, depressed and even anger and irritability.

mocktail t2
T2 has launched a mocktail-inspired range for an alc-free option this Summer

Physical health takes a hit as well...

Alcohol can affect your physical health in a number of ways and can have both short-term and long- term effects. While the short-term impacts of drinking alcohol include poor sleep, lower immunity and trouble concentrating, the long-term impacts of drinking alcohol should not be ignored. High blood pressure, heart disease, brain damage and liver disease are some of the negative physical health effects as a result of long-term alcohol use.

This summer, treat your tastebuds and indulge in T2’s fresh new range of refreshing and fruity teas, including the subtle and juicy, White Peach Spritz, the soft and fragrant Pink Juniper Sling, and the mouth-watering and bodacious Strawberry Margarita.

These mocktail-inspired brews have landed just in time to cool down and get the par-TEA started this summer.

To explore T2’s cold brew ranges this silly season, click here.


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