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A celebrity makeup artist shares her makeup kit must-haves

karla roccuzzo celebrity makeup artist

We sat down with makeup artist Karla Roccuzzo, who has recently launched her beauty brand WITH KARLA.

Based in Melbourne, Karla has over a decade of experience in the beauty and cosmetic industry, including lucrative stints overseas. As a popular celebrity makeup artist and vlogger, Karla is now expanding her repertoire to include businesswoman and With Karla is her first foray into the beauty product and retail world! We spoke to Karla on the essentials to make your makeup POP

Check out her top 5 must-haves for every makeup kit!

1. Small/fluffy blending brushes

Blending is key and a small fluffy eyeshadow brush helps any look to be blended, avoiding harsh lines or excessive smokeyness when you want a more subtle look. A small fluffy brush can also be used to add more fine detail to highlighting and contouring too! 2. With Karla Brush Defence

Clean brushes are a MUST - I use my With Karla Brush Defence spray to ensure that my brushes are always cleaned after every use. This is key to keeping all of the nasties out and making sure that your tools are in top shape.

3. A fresh bronzer

A bronzer helps to bring life to any look. Starting with the eyes and brightening up the faces, a good bronzer is a versatile product for every makeup bag.

I always use my bronzer in the crease of the eye to start to warm up the look and add a POP. The bronzer works as a transition shade and can be layered to create the desired look.

4. Fenty Beauty concealer

I find this one is pretty full coverage, covering blemishes and under-eye bags alike. Hiding redness, and any imperfections. It creates a really smooth base to work with our foundation and next steps. 5. A versatile eyeshadow pallet

I think everyone should have a basic eyeshadow pallet that suits their skin colour and allows them to create different looks, even if it is sticking to the same shades or tones. Knowing what colours suit you and your skin tone allows for easy makeup application for every day to create your own classic look.


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