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This beauty therapist shares the treatments that will save you time each morning

We spend 5 minutes with Leyla Hyssoli from AKMĒ BEAUTY talking about the beauty treatments that will simplify your life

Leyla Hyssoli AKMĒ BEAUTY

Talk us through how cosmetic tattooing works. How long does the eyeliner and lip blushing last?

Cosmetic Tattooing is incredibly popular. It's wonderful for those who have difficulty applying makeup or who wish to save time in the mornings by waking up with makeup.

The eyeliner and lip blush last 3-4 years. We are able to accentuate and define areas of the face with our cosmetic tattooing methods.

3D brow feathering can save women time filling in their brows each day, what does the process involve?

It sure does. It involves a three step process. We have an in-depth consultation to discuss the best shape for your face. Then proceed with the first treatment that usually is a two hour appointment. Using a hand held tool and tiny blade with fine little needs.

We gently place stroke-like hairs within the brow to create a realistic finish. This step is usually repeated twice over. The client is then required to return 4 weeks later for a colour refresh. Typically with your first session you can lose anywhere between 40-60% of pigment so the second session replenishes any colour that is lost. 3D Marco Feathering lasts 12 months

We've heard about lash lifts, but talk us through lash enhancements!

It is a cosmetic tattoo method that enhances the lash line. This treatment is incredibly effective for those with fine lashes that are seeking a fuller look. We place black pigment in between the lash line bed to create definition and thicker lashes.

Uneven skin tone and acne may take up time concealing each day. What treatments do you recommend for clearer skin?

At AKMĒ Beauty we offer a variety of chemical peels with a variety of strengths. We also have this incredible device called the “Clear skin” which works on active acne. It kills the bacteria and prevents another pimple appearing in the same spot. A great recommendation from us is getting a hydrafacial once a month followed with some LED. This exfoliates the skin with its gentle silicone head to get rid of the excess oils and dirt built up whilst also infusing the skin with hydration serums.


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