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6 things to do in Melbourne when ISO ends

things to do in Melbourne

As the end of isolation draws near, us Aussies are being encouraged to plan 'staycations' and support local tourism. As overseas travel looks unlikely til at least 2021, it's time to explore our own backyard.

Starting with Melbourne...

Here are six attractions and things to do in the city that really does get four seasons in 1 day...

1| Visit a winery

Letting your hair down with a drink or eight is one of the great things about any vacation. Melbourne’s Yarra Valley is a location where you can do this in a classy style. Wine Compass is a top quality tour company in the Yarra Valley. They can cater to most group types and pick-up locations.

Yarra valley winery tours

2| Boost your career

If you’re a business owner or career-minded woman, you won’t be able to take your mind off work. Attending business events for the elite could open the door to a wealth of winning connections across various industries. This will make the whole holiday feel far more productive. In turn, it can encourage you to enjoy all of the leisurely attractions without guilt.

3| Meet the penguins

Australia is a country well known for its eclectic range of wild animals including koalas, kangaroos, and wallabies. However, you can also see penguins during your trip to Melbourne by heading to Phillip Island. This offers an incredible break from the other animals that you’ll no doubt see, and is a holiday story that’s sure to impress loved ones.

4| Go parachute jumping

You could technically complete a parachute jump in virtually any country, but there’s nothing like doing it in Melbourne. The sceneries are incredible while you’re almost guaranteed a good day for it – nobody wants to do a jump when it’s cold and raining! There’s no better way to satisfy your inner adrenaline junkie. The photos are amazing too.

5| Get world-class pampering

Melbourne is a fast-paced city for tourists, who can enjoy a wide range of stunning activities. However, it’s also a great place to recharge the batteries – and not only by the beach. Visiting a skin clinic will ensure that you return home looking even better than when you arrived. This will extend the joy of your holiday for many months to come.

6| Visit the MCG

Whether you’re a major cricket fan or not, visiting the Melbourne Cricket Ground is a must. Cricket is the sport of choice for the locals while the women’s team is arguably the best in the world. The history of the stadium is incredible while the peace of seeing the empty stands is ideal too. A trip to Melbourne isn’t complete until you’ve seen its best sporting venue.

It’s hardly surprising to discover that Melbourne is one of the best holiday destinations in Australia, and even the world!


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