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5 Outdoor Entertaining Essentials For Winter

If you love having guests over and entertaining, you may find it hard when it's cold and dark outside! Nobody likes to spend time outdoors late at night unless they can keep warm and toasty.

Here are 5 outdoor entertaining essentials that make it easier for you to host guests in Winter, without spending a fortune.

1. Comfortable chairs

If you want your guests to feel comfortable outside in the middle of winter, you need to invest in some comfortable outdoor chairs. Depending on the space that you have in your garden, you could buy a whole outdoor setting with a lounge and some armchairs for your guests to sit on.

outdoor lounge set
Outdoor lounge sets from Remarkable Outdoor Living

However, if the amount of space that you have is limited you should consider buying chairs that can be easily moved and stored away like chairs with a cushion attached or some benches. You don’t have to spend a lot on outdoor furniture to find quality products and you can find good outdoor lounges and chairs at most garden and furniture stores. Stores like Remarkable Outdoor Living offer a great range of outdoor furniture so that you and your guests can enjoy your garden all year round, no matter how cold it gets.

2. Tables and drink stands

You can’t have chairs without a table or two so, you will need one big table or a few small drink stands if you are entertaining guests outdoors. Nobody wants their guests to feel like they have to rest their drinks and plates on the floor, so having a table for them to put their things on is essential when entertaining in winter. Also, tables are an essential item if you plan on serving food to your guests because you will need somewhere to put the food once it is cooked, so investing in a good outdoor table is a must.

3. A Fire pit

outdoor fire pit

If you're concerned about your guests getting cold, invest in something to keep them warm, like a fire pit.

Fire pits are a great thing to have in your backyard because they provide light and warmth to the space that it is in. Also, from a design perspective, it can be a great focal point or feature in your garden which will draw people in when it is lit.

Nothing says winter fun outdoors quite like a roaring fire, so if you want something that looks great and is functional too, a fire pit is a great choice.

4. Outdoor lighting

Because it gets darker a lot quicker in winter than it does in summer, you need to have good lighting in your outdoor area in order to entertain guests in winter. Outdoor lighting doesn’t just have to be purely functional. There are lots of garden lights that you can buy that will illuminate the space in a beautiful way that is also very practical and are perfect for the outdoors. The main thing about outdoor lights is that you want them to be durable and waterproof. You can’t put just any lights up outside because you could cause some serious problems in your backyard or at best they will not be effective once outside. Most home and hardware stores will have a great range of outdoor lights that are perfect for the garden and easy to install, so you can just pick the ones that you like and fit them into your garden with ease.

5. Cosy Blankets

If you want your guests to be cosy and warm when they come over to your house in winter, you need to give them a blanket if they're spending time outdoors. You don’t have to spend a lot to find a good blanket or two but it is definitely worth buying a few of them because they will allow you and your guests to stay outside for longer even when it is cold and dark outside. You can drape them over your legs if you are sitting in front of a fire pit or you can wrap it around yourself if you are exceptionally cold. Blankets can also be a great way to give your space the appearance of cosiness without doing much else.


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