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5 minutes with Sarah's Day

She's one of the most popular Aussie Youtubers, a Mum and an incredibly savvy business woman. We spent 5 minutes with Sarah's Day to talk about how becoming a Mother changed her life, and business for the better.

sarah's day and baby fox
Sarah and her son, Fox

You’re known as Youtube’s Holistic Princess and started your channel to share how you live & treat your body (in particular, hormonal acne) naturally. Where did your passion for holistic health come from?

So you summed it up perfectly there, it was my difficulties with hormonal acne, losing my period and feeling sluggish that got me looking deeply into what I was eating, how I was living and my daily habits and how this effected my body.

From this I went on a journey to heal myself holistically and share my story with millions of girls around the world, many of who have faced the same challenges as me. Being able to share this story and my journey with women and helping inspire them through my own story is something I’m truly grateful for.

In September 2018 you announced you were expecting your first child. In true Sezzy style you shared the ups & downs of pregnancy with your followers. Were you ever concerned your audience wouldn’t resonate with motherhood content as you transitioned into this phase of your life?

It’s not something that really concerned me, I’ve been so blessed to be able to share my story with other girls the last few years, and I’m super grateful they’ve loved Fox almost as much as I do haha. I just try to be

positive, happy and authentic in my vlogs and I’m so grateful that my audience are growing WITH me.

Beautiful Fox is now 6 months old. How has he changed your life in terms of how you run your business? Have your goals and priorities shifted?

Ohhhh massively haha! It’s honestly been crazy, a whirlwind adventure being a first-time mum. I couldn’t be happier and more full of joy with the love that Fox brings to my heart. But definitely, I’ve needed to shift priorities, and even keeping up with vlogs and content on Instagram has been tough, but I know

it’s just for a season.

You’ve been quite open that the first few months of motherhood were incredibly tough for you. How did you look after your health in this time?

sarahs day body bloom

Although it’s been really tough, finding little ways to show myself self-care and self-love have been so important.

Finding easy wins in my health is key, so even little things like taking my inner health and beauty product Body Bloom that I created with Tropeaka, and taking this every morning, sets up an easy win for the day ahead.

Also, making sure I set time aside to train, whether it be a simple walk with Fox and Kurt, or a high-intensity workout ensures I’m keeping fitness part of my priorities.

Despite the challenge of adjusting to #mumlife you’ve worked with amazing brands & released incredible products this year. Are you more selective with who you work with these days with less time on your hands?

Oh for sure! Time is definitely not abundant these days for me, but I’ve always focused on only working with companies that I truly believe in. I’ve been with Tropeaka and White Fox Boutique for example from the really early days, and they’re a part of my day to day life even before I started creating products with

them. I will only promote or work with brands that I truly love and believe in.

white fox boutique sarahs day
Sarah's latest collection with White Fox Boutique

You have your own clothing line with White Fox Boutique, a range of sunglasses with Veux, inner health/beauty powder with Tropeaka & most recently, a skincare range with La Bang Body. You’re one busy gal! What can we expect next from Sarah’s Day?

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am for my cooking project, set to launch in early 2020. This is something I’ve been working on for two years and I seriously cannot wait to release it to the world! I’m also doing a relaunch of my activewear collection with White Fox Boutique and finally a new delicious product is on the way with Tropeaka (it’s something I’m really passionate about!)

Ah even just THINKING about 2020 gives me excited goosebumps!


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