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5 minutes with Madelyn Carafa from The Healthy Hustlers

Jordy spends 5 minutes with Madelyn Carafa, the host of the hit wellness podcast, The Healthy Hustlers.

Jordy. Can you tell us about life pre-Healthy Hustlers?

madelyn carafa

Madelyn: I grew up in a tiny coastal town in a very wholesome family environment. My parents are both business owners and I believe the entrepreneurial spirit was instilled in me from a very young age.

I moved to Melbourne at 18 to study Marketing and Event Management and started my working career at a global

fashion retailer straight out of university.

It was a very fast paced environment and one where I was given a lot of responsibility from the get-go. It taught me a lot about the importance of being outside of my comfort zone.

During this time, I realised that I loved the hustle, but I was suffering regular burnouts from the lack of self-care and downtime. I was traveling a lot for work and although my career was taking off, all other facets of my life were suffering. 

After 5 years of climbing the 'never-ending' corporate ladder and some healthy changes in my personal life, I decided to wave goodbye and follow my intuition. It was the best decision I ever made.  

Jordy. What was the inspiration behind the podcast?

Madelyn: In my previous corporate life, I was very fortunate to work with some incredibly successful and influential Australians who were at the top of their game. As I constantly suffered from exhaustion due to work, I started to take notice of how they were able to perform at their best with such busy schedules and demanding lifestyles, and the answer lies in their daily healthy habits. I started to invest heavily in my health and wellbeing, and it had such a profound impact on my overall life that I had to share this knowledge. I quickly became obsessed with health and self-improvement, meditation, journaling, and eating nourishing meals.

I recognised that in my corporate job I was lacking connection, hence it felt like a

natural fit to combine the hustle with my passion and bring healthy conversations to people to help fuel their health and wellbeing goals while also reinforcing my desire for greater connection and purpose. 

Jordy. You've had over 2 million listens! What's been the secret to your success?

Madelyn: I think the first step for me was actually redefining what success looked like. For so many years in the corporate world I thought success was defined by a job title and a salary, but once I got really clear on how I wanted to feel and live my life, I was able to step into the new me which was a much more aligned, authentic version of myself. I never intended for the podcast to become my full-time business or to even reach the success it has – I just wanted to share my knowledge and the conversations with those I have been lucky enough to connect with, to help others hustle in a healthier and happier way.

Madelyn Carafa The Healthy Hustlers podcast
The Healthy Hustlers has had more than 2 million listens

This seemed to resonate with the audience. I think when you come from a place of love and have a clear purpose, you can't go wrong. The podcast space is a very competitive and saturated industry now. I think I have been able to stay relevant due to my authenticity and staying true to my brand ethos - inspiring people to live happier, healthier lives. 

Jordy. How has your relationship with health & wellness changed (or stayed the same!) since becoming a Mum?

madelyn carafa daughter
Madelyn & her daughter, Georgia

Madelyn: Oh, I wish I could say it stayed the same but unfortunately that's not my reality.

To be completely open and honest, my health took a back seat since I welcomed my daughter, my business was in a huge growth stage, I had almost hit 1 million downloads, I had signed up with new brand partners and I had just finished a LIVE tour with Georgie Stevenson from Rise and Conquer Podcast.

The reality of juggling a business and navigating the wild world of motherhood took its toll, and about 10 months postpartum I realised I wasn't superwoman.

My health was at an all-time low, I had to take 3 months off work, I had infusions, injections, supplements, so many different appointments all to find out I was very underweight from not eating enough to support the demand I was placing on my body from both breastfeeding and working. It was actually a really horrible time, but it taught me a valuable lesson: health is wealth. I spent 3 months resting and practicing what I preach before I could get back into any form of work. It was hard but I'm grateful for the lesson and if anything, it has just made me value my health and my work more than ever before.

This has also made me incredibly passionate to educate my daughter (and future children) about the importance of prioritising our health. I don't ever believe children are too young to learn, and I want her to grow up knowing she can make a difference in the world by choosing real, whole foods and using products that are free from toxic chemicals and harmful ingredients. I'm a very proud ambassador for Lovekins, an Australian skincare and wellbeing brand that makes natural products for both mums and babies. Their products support our families’ health goals and values and give me a beautiful opportunity to educate my daughter on why we choose good-for-you products.

I always want to set the best example for my family. Given that health is one of my highest values in life, getting my daughter involved in the kitchen making food and learning about self- care during bath time have been great ways to instil these values in her. 

Jordy. What are some of the best bits of health advice you've received? 

Madelyn: 1.) Personally, when I started to see my health as a full circle approach, things really changed for me. Health is so much more than the food we put in our bodies or how often we exercise, it requires a holistic approach, and we need to ensure all facets are working in harmony. This includes nourishing relationships, a career that fuels your soul, spirituality, and of course, a diet packed with whole foods and lifestyle with regular movements.

2) Give yourself time. Implement changes slowly and steadily. When you try to make a drastic difference, it can easily feel overwhelming, making it hard to stick to the new routine and you end up feeling like you have failed. When you make changes slowly and allow things to become a habit, the changes become sustainable and long- lasting. One healthy habit at a time over time builds up to a huge positive change!


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