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5 minutes with celebrity stylist, Lana Wilkinson

lana wilkinson

Australian celebrity stylists don't come more sought after than Lana Wilkinson. With names like Rebecca Judd, Ruby Rose & Elyse Knowles in your clientele, it's no wonder Lana is one of the biggest names in the Australian fashion scene.

She Does This caught up with Lana to talk about getting her break in fashion, 2020 Summer trends and her new shoe range, By Lana Wilkinson.

You’re a project manager turned stylist to the stars. When did you decide to make the career change into the world of fashion?

Lana Wilkinson

I think I’ve always wanted to work in fashion. I loved working in the corporate world but I knew I had a talent and wanted to use that to fulfil my passion. After being a Marketing Manager at Westfield and working with many of the brands in the centre I developed relationships and learnt how the retail side of the business worked. I knew there was room for me to be a conduit between the brand and the customers, this way I could use my marketing knowledge to help brand and also launch my career.

Fashion is probably one of the hardest industries to crack into. What do you credit as your big break, when you felt you could definitely make a name for yourself?

After a few years of working after hours as a stylist, I was booked on a job with Ruby Rose for Covet Magazine. This was probably my first big break and where I felt I has truly made it. We shot her in a Nicholas dress and it sold out instantly so I knew there was a real opportunity to succeed in the industry.  

Ruby Rose Lana Wilkinson
The job that changed it all: Ruby Rose wears Nicholas, styled by Lana for COVET Magazine in 2012

Your clientele includes big names like Rebecca Judd, Georgia Love, Elyse Knowles and Zoe Foster Blake just to name a few…Are there some looks that go down as some of your all time favourites?

I’m extremely lucky to work with some of the most talented people in Australia who give me an endless amount of inspiration daily. It’s so hard to choose a favourite look but I think Rebecca Judd in Toni Maticevski on Derby Day last year is up there with one of my favourites. Also, I loved Elyse Knowles in Oglia-Loro Couture at the GQ Awards

Rebecca Judd derby day
Rebecca Judd wears Toni Maticevski, styled by Lana

Elyse Knowles GQ awards
Another of Lana's fave looks: Elyse Knowles in Oglia-Loro Couture

What are some of the big trends we can expect to see this Summer?

I’m loving bright colours for this Summer. We’re seeing a lot of brands focus on vibrant blues and greens and leave behind the pastel palettes that dominated at the start of the year.

You just launched your own shoe range, By Lana Wilkinson. What was the inspiration behind this venture?

A few years ago I began to notice a gap on the market for fashion forward mid-level priced shoes. One Spring Racing Carnival I spent $8,000 on shoes so I knew if I was looking for a more sustainable alternative, then other customers would be too.

Lana Wilkinson shoes were born out of a desire for contemporary, statement making shoes that can be accessible to every woman. The range focuses on occasion dressing, with an emphasis on bold hues and feminine details.

Lana Wilkinson shoes
Lana Wilkinson offers statement shoes for every woman at affordable price points

Finally, where can we get our hands on the range?!

We are stocked online at and in Genie and Co and The Cloakroom in Victoria.


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