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5 minutes with Abbey Gelmi

We spend 5 minutes with Channel 7 presenter and co-host of House Rules, Abbey Gelmi.

abbey way channel 7
Abbey reporting for Channel 7

SDT: Abbey, so great to chat! Your success started at uni, having been on the honour roll at Curtin University. How important was it for you to get a degree?

Firstly that's very kind of you - thank you! Having a degree was always important to me as I didn't want to get to a stage down the track where not having the 'piece of paper' would be a hinderance professionally.

I really enjoyed my time at Curtin and my journalism degree definitely helped prepare me for the industry.

Being on the honour roll is something I'm really proud of, it took a lot of hard work.

SDT: You've already had an incredible career, this year hosting Channel 7's House Rules, how did you get your break in TV?

After I finished my at Curtin, I went on to study a diploma of Broadcast at ECU (formally under WAAPA). Through the year I had some amazing work experience opportunities and one of them was with Fox Sports News in Sydney. I was offered an internship at FSN and moved to Sydney in 2015. As they say, the rest is history! 

abbey way house rules
Abbey and her House Rules co-host, Jamie Durie

SDT: You're an ambassador for this year's Witchery White Shirt Campaign, aiming to put an end to Ovarian Cancer. Why is this cause close to your heart?

I actually worked at Witchery when I was at university and remember how impactful the campaign was but never dreamed I'd be in the position I am now to help raise awareness. Years (and years) later I went to an event in Sydney to hear the incredible Leane Flynn tell her ovarian cancer story as well as scientists from the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation and just thought I need to do anything I can to help. We need an early detection test and I'm so, so proud to be an ambassador this year. The OCRF are doing incredible work and the white shirt campaign could save lives. 

abbey way
Abbey is an ambassador for the 2020 Witchery White Shirt Campaign

witchery white shirt campaign
Purchase a White Shirt from Witchery to support OCRF

SDT: How can we get involved?

Buy a (gorgeous) white cotton shirt at and share your photo online using the hashtag #WhiteShirtCampaign @witcheryfashion.

All gross proceeds from shirt sales go to the OCRF and over the years Witchery have raised $13.5 million dollars for this incredible cause.

I've also spoken to researchers who are directly funded by this campaign so believe me when I say these shirts directly support vital research.

SDT: 2020 has been a crazy year for all of us, what are you most looking forward to post-iso?

Seeing my family in Perth. Not being able to travel home has really hit me and I can't wait to give them all a hug. Oh and I'll never take jumping on a plane for work for granted every again!


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