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4 ways to stay balanced over the festive season

Christmas really is the most joyous time of the year. Catching up with friends and family around the tree, exchanging gifts and of course, eating ALL the food. I've always been the kind of person that hates restriction. I've never understood how people can maintain their healthy routines during times like these and to be honest, I don't want to.

I'm all about living the YOLO lifestyle but I know that overindulging and throwing all healthy habits out the window will only result in me feeling like utter crap. So here's 4 simple things I'll be doing over the Christmas break to keep some sense of balance...

Eat at least one healthy meal per day I'm certainly not going to be depriving myself this Christmas break. I'll be drinking the mulled wine and indulging on a roast lunch followed by mince pies and Christmas pudding! But by eating at least one healthy meal a day, at least I'll be sure I'm getting some goodness in.

I'll start my day's with some poached eggs, avocado and a big glass of water. I know then that I'm getting protein and good fats in, which will stop snacking mid-morning.

I also feel better going to bed knowing the day hasn't been a complete blow out food wise.

Stay active! Go for a walk with family We all know how important exercise is but seriously, who wants to be hitting the gym at this time of year? I know I don't! As an alternative, going for a walk with your family is a great way to move your body. I also find that going for a walk after a heavy meal can help digestion. It's also a way to spend some real, quality time with family.

Staying physically active will also help our mental well being. It can be wonderful having all the family under one roof but it can be stressful! Make sure everyone knows to keep their brains active as well. The more you're all physically and mentally stimulated, the less chance there is of family tension at the dinner table!

Don't stop taking your supplements It's a busy time of year, so little habits such as taking your supplements before bed can sometimes be forgotten. Keeping up your Vitamin C will help with overall well being, which is super important during a time where you may be drinking more alcohol than usual. Probiotics will also help your gut to stay healthy and digest those Christmas carbs!

Speaking of Christmas carbs, more of these on top of more alcohol may mean some of us experience heart burn or upset tummy's. Taking something like Cartia will help ease these symptoms.

Drink more Water

A lack of fluid will cause headaches and tiredness which no one wants at this time of year. I'll be upping my H20 intake to at least 2 and a half liters during the Christmas break to help with digestion and hydration. Drinking more water will also help flush out the toxins from indulging in Christmas treats, which I fully intend on doing.


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