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3 ways to maintain confidence while being on social media

Social media can have such an impact on how we feel about ourselves. You're certainly not alone if you've ever scrolled through Instagram and compared your life to someone else's.

It’s about time to get your body confidence and start feeling good. With everything that’s happening in the world right now, it’s time to spread joy and to feel good about everything that we’re doing.

It's only been recently that the world pulled together to start a #BeKind initiative to try and get people to be kinder to others and feel better about themselves.

So, here's how you can keep that initiative going with yourself, and grow that confidence and feel good!

Embrace Your Flaws

We all have flaws, and that’s one of the most important things that you need to remember, it’s so natural for women to feel like they’re the only one with the flaws that they have, but trust us there is always another women with the same as you. So it’s time to embrace our flaws, and even manage them where we can. Some women hate wearing glasses, so why not switch to contact lenses. You can buy contact lenses online now as long as you know the prescription that you need. Your flaws can easily become your best feature as long as you’re ready to embrace them. By the way, we totally love the girl boss with glasses look too!

Change The Way You Treat Your Body

Something as simple as making healthier eating choices can have a profound impact on the way you look and feel. Making sure you're drinking enough water and getting enough sleep is also hugely important for mental health. Who's going to feel their best when they're exhausted, right?!

Same goes for exercise. Start by making sure you’re walking for 30 minutes and eating three clean meals a day. You can then get into the gym and start with weights which are a proven way to tone up your body.

Change Your Outlook On Life

You need to have a good outlook on life if you’re going to be able to get through everything it’s going to throw at you. Try to wake up every day with a positive mindset. Perhaps you could start your morning with an affirmation or even writing down something you're grateful for. Focussing on positives will most definitely change the way you look at life and perhaps even give you better tools to deal with challenges it throws at you.


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