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3 chemical free cleaning products to use in your home

*DISCLAIMER: This article is NOT sponsored. The reviews have not been paid for*

I don't know about you but as soon as I had a child, I immediately became 1000% more concerned with harsh chemicals around our home.

Putting how toxic they are aside, I hate the idea of cleaning the surfaces in our home, especially Evie's high chair, with something that smells like it could knock you out if you took too much of a whiff in.

So we tried and tested some natural, chemical-free cleaners and sanitisers that you can use on your hands and around the home.

Here were the faves:

Lovekins Multi-Surface Cleaning Spray

Lovekins Multi-Surface Cleaning Spray is formulated with natural and plant-based antibacterial ingredients Australian Kakadu Plum Leaf, Blue Gum and Orange Oil. Smells amazing and was the best in terms of removing tough grease or stains.

al.ive body Lemon, Tea Tree & Aloe Vera Hand & Surface Sanitiser is a dual-purpose product that eliminates bacteria from hands and surfaces containing 70% ethanol and kills 99.9% of germs. The Aloe Vera in this spray made it our favourite to use on our hands without drying them out.

natural non-toxic bathroom cleaner

Bosisto's bathroom/shower cleaner is a plant based formula with key ingredient, eucalyptus oil, so you get the clean bathroom, minus the stench of bleach.

The Earth Choice range have a solution for every inch of your home. From the dishes to the laundry, the entire range is plant-based and as the name suggests, environmentally friendly. Standouts from the range are the laundry liquids and floor cleaners.

Do you have a non-toxic brand you love?

We'd love to hear about it below


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