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3 kitchen essentials we all need

If we've learned anything from watching The Block this year, it's that you can have the most creative design kitchens but a kitchen has to be more than aesthetically pleasing, it has to be functional too.

With this in mind, let's take a look at three items every modern kitchen needs to be as functional as possible.


Unless you’re a professional chef, there’s no reason to invest in a really expensive chef’s knife, yet you really should invest in a quality set.

A chef’s knife is the most common type of knife you’ll find in people’s homes, as it is versatile in that it will allow you to chop, slice and mince without having to keep swapping knives. There are a number of Japanese knives on the market, which can be particularly good investments but are often a little pricier than their more generic equivalent; as a fundamental requirement, you’ll want to ensure the main material is stainless steel in order to keep away rust, though a blade with a titanium edge can be useful too.

Equally important to the knife you use, is the surface you use to chop on. KMART have some fantastic wood boards which are so easy to clean!


A food processor is perhaps your most versatile kitchen companion, as a decent one can do almost everything you need - from dicing garlic to kneading bread and making fresh smoothies.

KitchenAid Food Processor, available at Myer

A decent food processor may set you back a fair amount but it makes sense to purchase a great model. As the saying goes: “buy cheap buy twice”!


The chore of washing up dishes and saucepans is, without doubt, the worst aspect of cooking. Investing in a dishwasher is a non-negotiable in most households, as they’re not that much money to be yet they are a huge time saver; they can also save a lot of arguments too!

When you outsource this task to an automated machine you will have more time to spend doing activities you enjoy, and squeezing the most of your time at home, rather than being consumed with keeping on top of the dishes.

Life's too short to be stuck in the kitchen washing dishes!

What are your kitchen essentials? We'd love to hear from you!


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