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10 self care essentials at home

2020 has taught us so much. For me, it's the importance of family and the human connection. When all of this was taken away, self-care became even more necessary to preserve my sanity.

Taking just 10 minutes to do something for me has been one of the things that has saved me during lockdown.

Here's some of my self care essentials to fill your own cup.

1. Wash the day away

A shower or bath (if I'm lucky) honestly feels like it cleanses my soul. As a Mum to an 11 month old I have gone days without washing my own hair but I can't explain how good I feel after making this a priority in my day! Using a growth shampoo, like this one from Pump Haircare, can do wonders for your hair too.

2. Comfy, chic clothes

Is it a crime to want to look half decent in lock down? Tracksuits and active wear have been my wardrobe staples here's some of my fave looks right now:

3. Body oil

Again, taking 5 minutes out to nourish your body in some way, keeping your skin hydrated and feeling soft is a sure way to feel better. I'm loving Grown Alchemist Body Treatment Oil.

Grown Alchemist Body Treatment Oil
Grown Alchemist Body Treatment Oil

4. Get diffusing!

If we're stuck at home we may as well make it smell nice. Diffusing Lavender oil in my Oil in Kind diffuser does just that and gives me a sense of calm among this COVID chaos.

oil in kind oil diffuser
Oil in Kind GEO Diffuser

5. Get drinking

No, I don't mean wine. Staying hydrated by drinking 2 litres of water a day makes me feel like I'm ticking a health box. When I feel like I'm looking after my body my mental health improves.

6. Bake a healthy treat

I've said it before: are you even in ISO if you haven't resorted to baking?

Instead of sugar filled muffins, cookies or cakes, try these healthy snacks that will still satisfy your sweet tooth.

7. Send a gift to a friend

Know someone who could do with a pick me up? Why not send them a little something to brighten their day?

Feel Better Box are Australia's BEST gift hamper service running under the notion that we all deserve to feel better. They have gift hampers for all occasions and an isolation series to give a gift to someone who you may not be able to hug right now.

A few other noteworthy mentions:

8. Call a friend

9. Do a home/DIY facial

10. Read or listen to a book

How are you practising self care?

Leave a comment below!


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