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Why Anna Robards & Whitehill are getting behind intuitive beauty

Another revolutionary wellness game changer?

Before you roll your eyes, hear us out.

Each year we're introduced to thousands of new beauty products, trends, and tips.

While it is great to have options at your fingertips for every possible issue, occasion or season, there is no denying that “decision fatigue” is real and it can become overwhelming.

Anna Robards & Christie Whitehill
Anna Robards & Christie Whitehill launch INTU Wellness

However, nobody knows your body quite like you. Intuitive beauty focuses on trusting yourself, feeling what your body/ skin needs and doing what is right for you rather than following the trend that everyone is talking about.

Every month your skin undergoes changes due to hormones, hydration, breakouts, the weather and what worked for you the previous month, may need to be adjusted for the following month. By listening to your inner voice, you can switch up your skincare regime to what you feel like your skin needs.

For example, during that time of the month, you may be more prone to breakouts during summer your skin may feel dryer or you may develop hyperpigmentation from spending time outdoors.

Anna and Christie have launched a new wellness super-powder line called INTU WELLNESS which is based on them following their intuition in terms of what they need in their lives.

Being both busy working mums, they found that sleep was their top priority because it is hard to feel beautiful if you are exhausted and low on energy. They also noted that while they would never forget to take their supplements at night to achieve a more restful sleep, it was not as easy to remember taking them during the day for

other benefits.

Anna Robards is the co-founder of INTU Wellness

INTU Sleep and Skin Renewal. Was developed to be the all-in-one overachiever, targeting a restful night’s sleep and boosting beautiful glowing skin in one product.

For Anna and Christie, an all-in-one product and targeting their sleep made sense, but they encourage everyone to use their own intuition when it comes to skin care, sleep and beauty. When you’re in tune with what your body is telling you, its easy to make better health and lifestyle choices and get the most out of the products you use.


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